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Palin is “Hardcore Pro-Life”

We already knew that, but what I find particularly irritating is how anti-choice activists use Palin’s son as “proof” of her beliefs — and how she buys into it. Many politicians include their children in their campaigns — I don’t … Continue reading

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Voter suppression has already begun

This morning’s headlines on Democracy Now! included reports of people having problems at the polls during the early voting process that has already begun in many states. Two weeks out from Election Day and we’re already hearing this – what … Continue reading

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You Betcha Doggone It

I’m speechless, doggone it.

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Ridin’ Dirty

I’m home during a half day — which is lucky because I’ve got a head cold that beats all head colds — catching up on political news. Part of my research includes watching The View, which has gotten consistently more … Continue reading

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Palin’s “Girliness”

Two of my favorite feminists, Rebecca Traister of Salon and Megan Carpentier of Jezebel, discuss Sarah Palin and the femininity factor on Bloggingheads: While I think Meghan and Rebecca are great, I’m not such a fan of the Times’ description … Continue reading

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This is what a feminist looks like?

The president of Los Angeles NOW — but not the actual LA chapter of NOW — endorses Sarah Palin: Excuse me, this is a woman who will fight for women’s rights? Which rights would those be? She’s on a ticket … Continue reading

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So, the debates.

Everyone is talking about how Sarah Palin did well. And she did do well — for Sarah Palin. But that isn’t saying much. It reminds me of the day after the first Bush-Kerry debate — expectations were so incredibly low … Continue reading

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Boozing Sarah Palin

We had good fun with the Presidential debate drinking game last week, so let’s do a repeat. Here are my suggestions — add yours in the comments. Might as well start the night off right: Take a shot if Joe … Continue reading

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Alaska is like a microcosm of America

And we all know that nobody reads in America. Palin on the books, newspapers and other media she consumes to get a well-rounded worldview: Palin: I’ve read most of them, again with a great appreciation for the press, for the … Continue reading

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I thought that perhaps the Russia/foreign policy section of Sarah Palin’s interview with Katie Couric was just particularly bad. But: Nope.

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Asking our potential Vice President questions about foreign policy? Totes not fair! Seriously, since when is a debate “stacked against” a Vice Presidential candidate by asking foreign policy questions? And does anyone think that Palin would all of a sudden … Continue reading

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Happy Banned Book Week!

I think this week should be dedicated to Sarah Palin, censorship advocate and vice presidential nominee. One thing I find particularly interesting about the Most Frequently Challenged Books/Authors list is that it’s one of the only “Top 10/Top 100” literary … Continue reading

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