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The Good2Go sexual consent app: Oversimplifying consent so you don’t have to

In all the discussion of sex and consent — and there’s been a lot of it, and it’s not all recent, and unfortunately it doesn’t change all that much for all that the debate is pretty much constant — a recurring theme is the idea of somehow recording consent and negotiating it in an official context to avoid any confusion. Now, a smartphone app is available to address that. Available for iPhone and Android, the Good2Go app encourages prospective sexual partners to assess consent — electronically — before embarking on their sexual adventures.

V-Cards etc.

I talked to Karley from Slutever at Vice about virginity — why the whole idea is harmful and when to “lose” it (although for the record, I don’t even buy that virginity is a real thing). If any kind Feministe reader has some time this afternoon to write up a transcript of the video, that would be much appreciated. Apologies that I am swamped for the next few days and do not have the ability to transcribe right now. And, you know, it’s Vice, so prepare for hefty doses of irony and irreverence (again for the record, I think Karley is awesome and hilarious; it’s just not typical feminist blog fodder).

Your drunken slut-wedding was worthless, you harlot.

Is there anything wrong with delaying sexual activity? Certainly not. There are plenty of reasons to do that. If your reason is that “Jesus will think I’m a slut,” of course, that’s problematic. Or is it? Take Fox News abstinence columnist (yes, that’s a thing) Steven Crowder–who is himself abstinent no more. Having patiently and virtuously saved himself for marriage, Crowder now has become an honest-to-God husband, complete with a beautiful, meaningful wedding night full of the best sex he’s had in his entire life. And that makes him better than you.

Wherein I get to live out my lifelong dream of playing advice columnist

The lovely Kate Carraway let me weigh in on her advice column this week in response to a question about workplace sex-talk — that is, someone wrote in to complain that they feel their co-workers are judging their sex life. You can read Kate’s response, with a few thoughts from yours truly, here. The summary: Have whatever kind of sex you want, but STFU about sex when you’re at work. Even if your workplace is cool.

Living Waters

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent a long time without getting a period. Occasionally my doctor prescribed me some progestin to initiate withdrawal bleeding (it’s believed that build up of menstrual tissue without occasional bleeding increases risk…