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Some details are off, therefore the victim lied!

[O]ur trust in her was misplaced.” Hey guys, that rape survivor we interviewed? She’s totally, like, untrustworthy and everyone should ignore her! Continue reading

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Jian Ghomeshi, the CBC and Rape Culture

Guest Blogger: Andie from Inspiration Strikes. In The Kneecaps.

[Content Note: sexual abuse, harassment]

I’ve been wanting to get this guest post done and finished, but every time I turn around this story just keeps unravelling.

This week both my Twitter and Facebook feeds blew up with the news that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation had quite suddenly cut ties with long-time radio host Jian Ghomeshi, citing information that had come to their attention which precluded their continued relationship. Continue reading

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Women, Vulnerability, Rational Precautions And The Men Who Refuse To Believe

[Content note: gendered violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment]

That it was not enough for Davies’ college roommate to know that their classmate had been murdered by an intruder to understand Davies’ fears [of walking home alone from work late at night] honestly terrifies me. That a woman had to get attacked right in front of him in order for that to sink in is horrifying. And as Davies points out, he was not some anomaly. This is common.

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Should NYC Compensate the Wrongly Convicted Central Park Five?

The Central Park Five are the five men who were wrongfully convicted for the 1989 rape of a jogger in Central Park. A few weeks ago I wrote about the Central Park Five for the Guardian. It’s a heartbreaking case — the jogger barely survived the attack, and suffered enormous physical trauma. The city was enraged and hungry for a conviction. Donald Trump put out a “bring back the death penalty” ad in response to the crime. Five black and Latino boys were interrogated for hours and deprived of sleep until they confessed; once actually arrested and charged with the crime, they recanted. Racial tensions boiled, with racist caricatures of of-color youth going “wilding,” prowling the streets in a “wolf pack” for innocent white victims proliferating in the white-dominated media. While the woman was generally treated as an innocent victim, even she didn’t totally escape victim-blaming — writing about this case even 20 years later inevitably leads to many people asking, “Why was she jogging in Central Park late at night? What did she think was going to happen?” Continue reading

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More things that will get you raped: Being an unpleasant drunk

Apparently being an asshole when you’re drinking is especially problematic for young women because it gets you raped. That’s what I’m pretty sure Prudie is saying here, anyway:
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The Ethics of Outing Your Rapist

My latest in the Guardian, about naming and shaming alleged rapists. A bit: Continue reading

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How Did Republican Rape Philosophers Do Last Night?

Let’s take a look! Continue reading

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Judge tells assault victim that this is what she gets for going to a bar

Last summer, then-DPS Officer Robb Gary Evans got drunk, drove to a bar, and sexually assaulted a woman there. July 2, he was convicted of felony sexual abuse. September 6, he was released with a slap on the wrist, and his victim was released with a good talking-to. Continue reading

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The real Republican rape platform

My latest on Mourdock, Republicans and rape in the Guardian:

Some Republicans, like Mitt Romney, have tried to distance themselves from their party’s rhetorical obsession with sexual violation. What they’re hoping we won’t notice is the fact that their party is politically committed to sexual violation.

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Pregnancy caused by rape is a gift, ladies, so say thank you!

Can Republicans stop talking about rape now? Or maybe keep talking, so we know what they really think? Continue reading

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The painful lessons of the Central Park Five and the jogger rape case

I’m in the Guardian writing about police interrogation techniques and the dangers of coercive and psychologically manipulative tactics. And in exciting news, the Guardian now going to be a weekly thing, so stay tuned for more. A bit from this latest piece: Continue reading

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Is it rape if you don’t mean for it to be rape?

Oh man, everything about all of these questions and answers makes me uncomfortable, but especially this one:
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