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Street harassment is a compliment, says writer we pray is joking

Now it’s time for that beloved and time-honored game, “Satire (Please, God, Let It Be Satire) or Not Satire”: Doree Lewak in the New York Post.

[W]hen I know I’m looking good, I brazenly walk past a construction site, anticipating that whistle and “Hey, mama!” catcall. Works every time — my ego and I can’t fit through the door!

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An excellent event in New York this week, but livestreamed across the country: The Hollaback! conference on street harassment. Details:
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Harassing Men on the Street

Lately, we’ve heard a lot about the street harassment of women, from a CNN.com homepage feature to a skit on Saturday Night Live, and while the focus on the gender-based street harassment of women needs even more attention than it’s getting now, the harassment of men is an interrelated issue that deserves some attention, too. Continue reading

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The Politics of “Hello”

One of the stumbling blocks I repeatedly have over discussions of street harassment is that much of the time, on paper, it’s doesn’t look like harassment. Hell, much of the time what makes me uncomfortable isn’t harassment. Much of the … Continue reading

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Hey Baby Hey Baby Hey

So! In the Zeitgeist of the blogosphere, there is something making the rounds now. It is, apparently, a videogame, available to play on the Web for free, called “Hey Baby.” Jessica Wakeman describes it thus: A new video game called … Continue reading

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Women Who Rock (the Egyptian Blogosphere)

I just returned from an evening of campus conversation at the American University. The title of the event: Her Space, Our Space: Girls and Women Pushing the Boundaries of Cyberspace. Uh. I thought it was most appropriate for me to … Continue reading

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Race, class, and street harassment

So, I have to admit – I was a little nervous when posting about street harassment the other day. I was really eager to open up the conversation, especially because it was focused on a queer/gender non-conforming/trans experience and perspective … Continue reading

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Gender/queerness and street harassment

Yesterday morning I listened to a segment on the Brian Lehrer show about street harassment (cat-calling) in NYC. Lehrer interviewed three women: Latosha Belton and Ashley Lewis, two Brooklyn teenagers who worked with Girls for Gender Equity to create “Sisters … Continue reading

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via Michael comes this revolting blog post from Rachel Moran, a nice Florida girl who thinks that the homeless are sub-human and should be physically assaulted for having the audacity to speak to her. No, really: We are thinking about … Continue reading

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Sexual Assault in the Streets of Egypt

But you won’t read about it in the newspapers. Incredibly disturbing and infuriating. via. Thanks to Russell for the link. UPDATE: In the comments, Afaeyre Maede points us to this BBC article about the event. UPDATE 2: Apparently a handful … Continue reading

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Because Street Harassment Is Not Ok

It is a rare occurence that I make it through a full day without getting harassed on the street by strange men. I can’t remember the last 24-hour period in which it didn’t happen — the only exceptions I can … Continue reading

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Link Dump Du Jour

These weekly round-ups are now listed in the category Recommended Reading. The previous category name (Elsewhere) was far too vague. Feminism Ampersand discusses Blackmun, Ginsburg and Roe v Wade and Harry Blackmun’s unexpected ascent into a feminist icon. Alley Rat … Continue reading

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