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Problems with commenting

WordPress has pushed out a lot of security updates recently, and one of these appears to have broken our commenting template, hiding the “Submit” button so that none of your comments are coming through.

Barbie’s male classmates can be computer engineers.

Barbie is one educated and versatile woman. She’s been, among dozens of other jobs, a dentist, a doctor, a sign language teacher, a special education teacher, a surgeon, a paratrooper, a jet pilot, an ambassador, a firefighter, an architect, an astronaut, a ballerina, a chef, an Olympic gymnast, an unspecified business executive, a news anchor, a cat burglar, a magazine editor, and the president of the United States. And now, per the book I Can Be a Computer Engineer, she’s a computer engineer (or at least can be one).

The Good2Go sexual consent app: Oversimplifying consent so you don’t have to

In all the discussion of sex and consent — and there’s been a lot of it, and it’s not all recent, and unfortunately it doesn’t change all that much for all that the debate is pretty much constant — a recurring theme is the idea of somehow recording consent and negotiating it in an official context to avoid any confusion. Now, a smartphone app is available to address that. Available for iPhone and Android, the Good2Go app encourages prospective sexual partners to assess consent — electronically — before embarking on their sexual adventures.

Welcome to Neverland, Inc.

Losse rightly calls out Sandberg’s vision as a kind of business feminism that doesn’t look much different from regular boys’ business for girls; as she says, Lean In “teaches women more about how to serve their companies than it teaches companies about how to be fairer places for women to work.” Losse seems to be holding out for something closer to a feminist business. But there may be an even bigger problem than this, since Silicon Valley’s tech industry isn’t just Neverland–it’s Neverland, Inc., a place where Peter Pan CEOs carry out corporate-centered policies and politics that are bad for all workers.

Admin note: up down up down

Hi everybody – just a quick explanation for why you might be finding Feministe appearing and disappearing on your screens. There’s some sort of rogue back-up configuration on our server which keeps on generating ginormous back-up files which push us over our disk quota.

This is annoying to say the least, but sleuthing is occurring. I am hopeful that we can get the rotten box with das blinkenlights to play nice sooner rather than later.

Normal blog service will be resumed shortly

Hi all – the site has been down for a while and some of you are no doubt wondering why. A server migration is about to happen – it was scheduled to happen later this month but it needs to happen now. The site will be in maintenance mode until the migration is completed, which could take a few days if the current rate of snafu continues.

This post is thus made for the benefit of those on RSS and email subscriptions. Please feel free to quote elsewhere if people ask you what the hell is happening with Feministe.