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#JeSuisCharlie Anger, Grief and Solidarity #CharlieHebdo

Some lit candles, others held up copies of Charlie Hebdo, including one that had on the cover a Muslim kissing a magazine cartoonist, with the headline: “Love is stronger than hate.”. Others simply held aloft pens in protest at the killing of journalists. “We need to show the terrorists that they cannot win,” said Jules, a student. Continue reading

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Is it time to talk about guns yet?

The suspect in the horrific shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin has now been identified. He is Wade Michael Page, a 40-year-old army vet and described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a “frustrated neo-Nazi who had been … Continue reading

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My Views On National Security As A Seventh Grader, and How it Took A Social Movement to Make Me Proud to Be An American

America. Baby, it’s complicated. But like all complicated relationships, underneath it all, I love you. It wasn’t always like this. We’ve been on quite a journey. It started when I was eleven—my first week of Middle School. I heard my … Continue reading

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Norway and terrorism as a daily event.

In the West, we seem to have at least a double standard when it comes to violence and mayhem. When violence and mayhem involves People Who Look Like Us (“us” in this case generally translating to: ethnically European/white, not-poor, citizens … Continue reading

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Life in America sucks. It used to suck more. Discuss.

Huh! So – not a single comment [thanks for the comments there, too!] on my Israel/Palestine post! Hardly even a click to see how I look on the small screen! I’m so used to people just waiting to jump into … Continue reading

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The Man Who Hated Women

Shocker: Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik is a racist and a misogynist, and his shooting rampage was inspired by his hatred of women, Muslims, and brown people. He uses a lot of the same tropes as Men’s Rights activists. He … Continue reading

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The trial of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the man who is accused of plotting the September 11th attacks, will be held before a military commission in Guantanamo Bay instead of in federal court. Why? Because apparently the American criminal justice system … Continue reading

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New York politician opens hearing on Muslims

Well, Peter King will definitely be getting his name in the history books in the chapter on post-9/11 racism and fear-mongering. I’d like to think we learned something from McCarthyism and Japanese internment and other uglier-than-even-usual periods in our history, … Continue reading

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Rape, Trauma, and Terrorism

Jessica Stern had an incredible op-ed in the Washington Post yesterday. Stern is a noted expert on terrorism and national security, and is a lecturer at Harvard and served on Bill Clinton’s National Security Council. But in her piece yesterday, … Continue reading

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Anti-Choice Dems Receive Death Threats From Pro-Lifers

Oh the irony. This isn’t surprising, given the far-right’s habit of threatening and sometimes carrying out violence against those they disagree with; it is particularly predictable given the anti-choice movement’s reliance on violence and intimidation. This is what radicals in … Continue reading

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Intentionally flying planes into buildings because you don’t like a particular government: Terrorism or no? Let’s debate.

Newsweek editors and reporters discuss the use of the word “terrorist” and essentially conclude that it’s mostly applicable to foreigners with beards. The conversation is an off-shoot of the story of the IRS “protestor” (as the Wall Street Journal designated … Continue reading

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The Washington Post or The Onion?

“Bin Laden blasts U.S. for climate change” My favorite part: The change in rhetoric aims to give al-Qaida’s message an appeal beyond hardcore Islamic militants, said Evan Kohlmann, of globalterroralert.com, a private, U.S.-based terrorism analysis group. “It’s a bridge issue,” … Continue reading

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