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Reproductive organs: This is the shit I’m talking about

Three blood bags, with female/moon goddess symbols on them, labeled "Sacred Blood of the Divine Feminine - Only for Use in Flux with the Universe"

[Trigger warning: transphobia]

This is the shit I’m talking about: TERFs love to insist that women are not defined by our reproductive organs, until they need an excuse to exclude trans women, at which point we’re defined exclusively by our reproductive organs. And they always have to throw in a little goddess-moon-divine-menstruation magic, too, and that’s another one: Conservative Christians using their religion to police women’s bodies is wrong, but using foofy sacred-divine-goddess mysticism is perfectly acceptable for TERFy purposes.

Joan Rivers lobs transphobic slurs at Michelle Obama, but, like, totally as a compliment

[Trigger warning for transphobia]

Unfunny comedian and walking Halloween decoration [update: See in comments where I regret writing that part] Joan Rivers took a completely random opportunity this week to throw transphobic slurs at Michelle Obama. Asked by a reporter, for some reason, whether we’ll ever see a gay president, she replied, “We already have it with Obama, so let’s calm down.” This was, she elaborated without prompting, because “You know Michelle is a [transphobic slur redacted]. A transgender. We all know.”

Losing Sara

In the Times’ “Booming” series, a famous concert pianist writes about her transition – being forced to fly to Thailand for the surgery she needed (and having that surgery botched), seeing her career opportunities dry up, facing legal housing discrimination. A move to Canada opens up more opportunities, but her home country — the United States — rejects her, then shifts a bit, but still doesn’t open its arms. And she’s “lucky” — she’s educated and talented and class-privileged. Her life isn’t tragic; she’s fine, and talented, and married to the woman she loves. But because her existence troubles some people, she can’t get gigs, can’t get an apartment, can’t get a job. So we lose her to other places that are more open. We lose trans women and men in worse ways — to violence, to hiding, to death. And for what, exactly?

Conan O’Brien Attacks Trans Women

The above image is from Conan’s Tabloid Moment.  In last Thursday’s segment, he sat at a strip bar wondering how to make the moment more embarrassing, then the sign flashed “Trannie’s” and two female strippers arrived and slapped mustaches on…

“How Young is Too Young?”

So Ryan sent me a link to the Village Voice article about Nicole, the five-year-old who is insisting that she’s a girl, despite having been born and (until some months ago) raised as a boy. People who come out and…


So Amp posted another one of his link farms, and I cruised over by feh-muh-nist to check out her “You’re not fat!” post. (It’s really good; I remember Marilyn Wann writing similar things in Fat!So? about how she wasn’t Rubenesque…


Heart responded to my post! Not substantively, of course, because that would force her to confront her CRAZY TRANNY posting of the Seattle Times article without context, but she still responded! She responded to my use of “cisgendered” to describe…