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A love letter to traveling alone

A very different sort of writing than I usually do at the Guardian, but hey, trying out something new this week: Why you should travel alone, even if it’s just around the block. Continue reading

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A note on moderation

I’m out of the country for the next two weeks, so moderation may be slow / at odd hours. Please be patient! Continue reading

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For a South American Getaway, Try Cartagena

I’m writing about my love for Colombia in GOOD this week. A bit: The best way to enjoy Cartagena, though, is to put pleasure first. Meander. Buy unusual fruit from a street vendor. Get freshly caught fish on a paper … Continue reading

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Where do you like/have you liked/do you want to go?

I mentioned the other day that I was fortunate enough to recently revisit Melbourne, my favourite city in all the world. (Not that I’ve left southeastern Australia since I was about… four.) I love it for its friendliness, its food, … Continue reading

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Friday Random Ten – the Panama edition

You probably didn’t notice with all the great guest-blogging going on, but I was away for a while at the end of August and beginning of September, galavanting around Panama and Colombia. I’m still in the process of uploading the … Continue reading

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The Human Diaspora

Well it’s been good chillin in these parts for a bit and catching the action these past couple weeks, but the time has come to respectfully bow out with a bittersweet smile, with a warm embrace to our hosts and … Continue reading

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Miami Travel Tips?

I’m leaving for a long weekend in Miami on Thursday. I’ve never been, so I’m looking for some travel advice. Basically, I’m not looking for the stereotypical Miami weekend. I just want to lay on a pretty beach and eat … Continue reading

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And… back.

Jill on Ko Phi Phi, originally uploaded by JillNic83. I’ve finally returned from my Southeast Asia travels, and will be back on the blog full time. A huge, huge thanks and round of applause to the guest bloggers, who did … Continue reading

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The Ethics of Tourism: An Informal Poll

Introductions aside, I want to start with an informal poll. Because I run what is essentially a blog for English-speaking queer and/or women travelers (and the occasional ex-pat) in Mexico, I want to ask people what they think about the … Continue reading

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Quarter-Life Crisis Time

So I’m 25 today, and I finished the New York Bar Exam on Wednesday (yay!). I’ve been working on destroying my liver since 4:30 on Wednesday, but today is extra-special, so I’m celebrating by going to my favorite steakhouse for … Continue reading

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Crappy Birthday

Americans’ unhappy birthday: ‘Too much wrong right now’, by Pauline Arrillaga, AP via Yahoo! News. . . . talk turns to the state of the Union, and the [Gilbert, Ariz., chapter of the Optimist Club] become decidedly bleak. They use … Continue reading

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Feministe Feedback: Help Jill Plan a Trip

This isn’t a real Feministe Feedback, just me using the blog for my own selfish causes. I’m taking the Bar exam this summer, and I have about a month to travel between the exam and when I start work. So … Continue reading

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