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Just a few reminders before you buy those “50 Shades” Valentines

[Trigger warning for sexual violence and emotional abuse]

Valentine’s Day is coming up! That day of romance, of togetherness, of coupledom, of… domestic abuse… Valentine’s Day is the release date of 50 Shades of Grey, that sensationalistic movie based on the “How to Spot an Abuser” pamphlet in your college guidance counselor’s office. Women and men who have read the book and know perfectly well what the story is about will flock to theatres, either a) dreaming of the day that they’ll be stalked and violated by someone as dreamy as Christian, or b) hoping to score on Valentine’s night with the person they took to the movie. And while people are free to get their rocks off to whatever they want (within certain limits), it’s important to acknowledge that what may (for some reason) come across as sultry and sexy on the page would, in real life, be a Razorbacks halftime show’s worth of red flags.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yes, we’re occupying it, but I can admit that I do love Valentine’s Day. Not the commercialized romance part, but a whole day dedicated to celebrating love? And watching cute couples all out together looking happy? It’s very sweet. And I’m going to spend this evening watching Bebel Gilberto and drinking champagne and whiskey, so I’m good.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know that as a person who is both a feminist and single, I’m supposed to hate Valentine’s Day. But I don’t. I mean, I hate the heteronormativity and the conspicuous consumerism and if anyone ever bought me velour lingerie…

Not actually dead.

…Just really, really busy. I’m trying to finish heavily revising an essay that I’m submitting to something. That’s why I haven’t posted lately, and why all my comments have been way more concise than usual. However, I did want to…

The Vagina Warriors Are Gonna Getcha

I just don’t understand the right-wing obsession with The Vagina Monologues. So they talk about vaginas. They raise money to combat violence against women and girls. They don’t say, “The best way to live is to wait until your married,…

Happy Valentine’s Day

Me on Valentine’s Day. I’ve never been able to get worked up enough about Valentine’s day to care if I don’t have a date, and it’s a Hallmark holiday, it doesn’t reflect what love really is, and blah blah blah.…