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State Violence and Sexual Violence

[Trigger warnings: sexual violence, beatings, police brutality, domestic violence, racism]   The recent events in Ferguson, MO probably have a variety of significance for people, when, in response to a policeman shooting dead black teenager with his hands up and … Continue reading

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Why Janay Rice stayed

[Trigger warning for domestic violence]

Short answer: We don’t know, and it’s not for us to know or judge. Continue reading

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Ray Rice dropped and suspended now that the NFL can no longer ignore the truth

[Trigger warning for domestic abuse]

In February of this year, leaked video showed what appeared to be the aftermath of Baltimore Raven Ray Rice assaulting his then fiancee Janay Palmer in a casino elevator. He was given a two-game suspension. Now that another leaked video shows him actually throwing the punches, he has been released from the Ravens and suspended indefinitely by the NFL. Because up until then, of course, there was no way of really knowing what had happened. Continue reading

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Women, Vulnerability, Rational Precautions And The Men Who Refuse To Believe

[Content note: gendered violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment]

That it was not enough for Davies’ college roommate to know that their classmate had been murdered by an intruder to understand Davies’ fears [of walking home alone from work late at night] honestly terrifies me. That a woman had to get attacked right in front of him in order for that to sink in is horrifying. And as Davies points out, he was not some anomaly. This is common.

Continue reading

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“Revenge” shootings in Santa Barbara

[Content Note: shootings, murder, misogyny]

Andie and Donna have both posted links in the Open Thread to news items about the Isla Vista mass shootings, and rather than let this atrocity swamp the social thread I’ve decided to give this its own post.

I ask commentors to avoid speculating about possible mental health diagnoses. What we know as facts is horrific enough. Continue reading

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200+ schoolgirls kidnapped by extremists and mass media is mostly silent

Alexis Okeowo in The New Yorker: Nigeria’s stolen girls.

If this were happening anywhere else in the world, there would have been non-stop mass media coverage of the burnt school and the grieving families and relentless questioning of the relevant officials as to the inadequacy of the search and rescue operations. Continue reading

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Not our fight: Male Violence and the Bystander Effect

[Trigger warning for domestic violence]

These good people, these people whom, albeit in different industries and capacities, are each individually working to make the future a better place than the present, do nothing. They, of relative privilege, watch the aforementioned horror unfold. Some are stunned. Some don’t notice. Some shake their heads. It’s a shame, they think. It’s fucked up, they think. It makes my blood boil, they think. But they do nothing. They hold their girlfriends tighter. They back their friends away from the scene. They try to break their stares. They go get more drinks. These are good people. But they do nothing. They are silent.

A few try. Three university age young women try. They do as their friends tell them. Go get security, they say. But security does nothing. This is between a husband and a wife, they say. Please go back inside, they say. The young women beg their friends and the bar security to do something. They do nothing. Get away from the car, they say. There is nothing you can do, they say. You’re going to get hurt, they say. You’re being irrational, they say. It’s not our fight, they say. Continue reading

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One Billion Rising and Dance as a Radical Act

For Valentine’s Day, I wrote about the One Billion Rising movement that is staging actions around the world today to bring attention to the epidemic of violence against women. I was initially unconvinced; here’s why I came around: Continue reading

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…and after you’ve stopped with the bathing suit pictures, maybe stop having breasts.

The following may be triggering for some, as it concerns the physical abuse of young girls. I can’t even. What the fuck. I’m working on the afore-mentioned “white Jewish lady” post (more accurately: I appeared on Russian TV yesterday to … Continue reading

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Who’s to blame for rape?

Rapists, perhaps? No, silly rabbit, loose women are to blame when someone sexually assaults them. Apparently a sizable portion of the Scottish population believes that women are at least partially to blame for their own rapes if they do things … Continue reading

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A Day of Mourning

Tisha b’Av, a day of fasting and mourning, began last night, and continued all day today. Jwablog has info on how the commemorative day has been used to recognize violence against women: Tonight marks the start of Tisha b’Av, a … Continue reading

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I’m excited to join the ranks of the other guest-bloggers this summer, and I will have a more substantial post up in just a little bit but thought I would introduce myself first. I live in Kansas, otherwise known as … Continue reading

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