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Erasing Women of Color From Mainstream Feminism

How can we expect others to elevate our voices and experiences, to let us be seen and heard, when we can’t even acknowledge and support other women of color trying to do just that?

It should never be the case that a woman of color writing for a mainstream feminist site should 1) be presumed to be white or 2) become so frustrated by the regularity of this presumption that it is one reason for her leaving the site. Here is a platform so many people believe is responsible for making some voices louder than others and then we silence other women of color to the point that they leave the site.

Blacksweet: Grappling with skin color in Indonesia

Indonesians idealize whiteness. It permeates every aspect of an Indonesian woman’s life, from clothing to beauty regimens. My relationship with skin color is complicated here. Having brown skin allows me to blend in more in crowds. Most Indonesians love Indians, having been raised on a plethora of ‘90s Bollywood movies.

At the same time, I sometimes find myself wishing for a little of the unwanted attention my white Fulbright friends receive. Indonesians don’t clamor to take pictures with me or seek to practice their English – I’m hitam manis. Instead, my skin color means I have to fight for my claim to be American.

The innocuous question, “Dari mana?” (where are you from?) is one I sometimes dread in the taxi.

Connected and Vunerable

I know Im not alone; Im not the only one thinking these things.  Recently I read This Bridge Called My Back and I was so grateful to the women who exposed their frustrations, insecurities, and anger.  Their words provided company…

Full Frontal Feminism Update

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Sex-Kitten Feminists

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So brownfemipower is feeling much better and has been busy making me look like a vacillating slacker. I could link to every one of her posts (especially Blog for Radical Fun Day), but I’ll just grab this one. She posted…


Radical Women of Color carnival is up at Blac(k)ademic. Carnival of the Feminists XII is up at Written World. Go, read. So much good stuff.

“We’re All the Same Everywhere”

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So Jay at Jay Sennett Jaywalks has done some interesting thinking around race and superficially inclusive language, and has decided to do some w0rk on the problem through his own voice: Which leads me to the title of this post.…