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My first law school final is tomorrow. Wish me luck. Because of that, and the other finals that follow in the coming two weeks, I (obviously) haven’t been blogging much. A few things to check out:

At least I’m going to be rich. $1,000 an hour rich.

Detainee abuse is worse than we thought. And the Pope doesn’t like it. Neither do I. (Bush Administration response: “Torture? Us?”)


The Madness of President George. Ha. They make an excellent point.

Shame on the Bush administration for walking out on a global warming conference on Montreal. Really, the bury-our-heads-in-the-sand-and-pretend-science-is-just-wrong technique is really getting old. That goes double for “intelligent design.”

The price of motherhood. Oh, if only I had the time to write more about this one…

Sexualizing cannibalism. This is… huh. Again, something I’d love to write more about. I’m all for people exploring their kinks, but why are only (or overwhelmingly) women the ones who are tied up, poked, “cooked,” and cannibalized?

I hate Axe deodorant spray. I hate their commercials. And Eugene Mirman has an excellent suggestion for their new ad campaign.

And finally, some good books. I can’t wait until December 22nd is over, and I finally have time to read things that are unrelated to torts, contracts, and civil procedure.

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Thank You!

Whoever sent the lovely gift for Ethan, please drop me a line so I can thank you good and proper.

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Before I Go

Someone wants to know:

Do we need feminism in America any more? At all?

Because I’m going to bed, my quick answer:


Not only are there gender disparities in the United States that still need to be addressed, but as members of one of the most, if not the most, influential countries in the world our resources and power are needed to help existing movements close gaps in gender disparities in other global communities as well. Even presupposing that feminism no longer has work to do in the United States (and I would argue the opposite) it is clear that people around the world need our help and are asking for our help. Further, due to the lack of education in the U.S. about dire global issues, feminists and other activist social groups have much to do to raise the knowledge bar for other Americans in order to raise the necessary funds and hands to do this work around the world.

More detailed answers are appreciated in the comments below. Let’s educate.

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And She Cried When She Saw the Bill From Fannie Mae

One more week and I am no longer a broke college student. Instead I will be a broke, unemployed adult with a dependent on a mad job hunt.

More identity-related student teaching posts are on the way once I free up some time. Next round, the fight between, and the oddly positive conclusion between, the hardcore punk kids and the Larry the Cable Guy-loving kids on the matter of dress and personal expression. It’s another long, complicated story and may start up another fight, though this time I imagine my readers might rise up against me. Good stuff.

Resume and interview tips are MUCH appreciated in the comments. Keep in mind I’ll be applying primarily for non-teaching, social service jobs.

I’ll be off the map until next weekend. Play nice, folks.

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The Anti-Feminist Drinking Game

By way of The Countess, here’s something I’ll be playing when I’m done with finals on Dec. 22:

The Anti-Feminist Drinking Game:

One shot each time an anti-feminist troll writes…









Two shots for the following:

“equity feminist”

“gender feminist”

Feel free to add new words to the drinking game in my comments. If you start to get too tipsy, feel free to feed the booze to a potted plant

Add your suggestions over at The Countess.

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A Love Letter to Teh Feminists

This is one of those temptations I’m not built to resist, apparently. When blinkered stupidity bends this far over and paints that bright a red target circle on its ass, I can’t help wanting to kick it. Flame war, ahoy!

Oh look, it’s the “she asked for it” defense!

Allah says:

Here’s why Lauren’s post bugged the shit out of me. As we’ve discussed here before, nearly every argument that comes out of the feminist camp depends on bad-faith assumptions about their opponents’ motives.

Blogging cliche, I know, but is it really a “discussion” if there’s basically one viewpoint repeated ad nauseum to an approving choir?

Jill, for example, never tires of reminding us that what the pro-life movement is really all “about” is controlling women. Concerns about dead babies? Just a big smokescreen for misogyny and uterus-harvesting. Literally every argument Marcotte makes employs this M.O.

Some feminists maybe, but this has nothing to do with my post. It’s a way to say, “Look how they group-think. Look how they’re all alike.” Which is pretty laughable, because anyone who reads the three of us a) knows we are not alike, and b) for a guy who decries “identity politics” and acting under a banner of group identity, he’s the one stuffing us all into one box labeled “feminism.” Note that box has nothing to do with a feminist definition of feminism. It’s the amazing strawfeminist in action, folks.

Who’s really thinking individually and who’s really thinking collectively, here? I’d say what Allah objects to isn’t “identity politics” so much as it’s women choosing their own identities without consulting him first. Ayn Rand says so.

The only variable is the degree of intent they attribute to each opponent.

Oh God, he’s drunk the “intent” Kool-Aid. Well, that only makes my job easier.

The more doctrinaire or powerful a conservative is, the more conscious his misogyny is assumed to be.

Number of conservatives appearing in my post: 0, unless you count Larry the Cable Guy, and he only pretends to be a bigot.

For those less doctrinaire and powerful-well, they might not be evil per se, but at the very least they’re acting according to a false consciousness. Me, Jeff, most of the other commenters here, we only think we came to our political beliefs in good faith. If you could dig deep into our unconsciousness, you’d see we’re all just cheerleaders for the patriarchy too.

Well? Has ProW+Allah ever said anything contra patriarchal, even when it’s been begging to be said, even when “the patriarchy” has acted against the very values it claims to promote? Were they present at any post that doesn’t offend their version of identity politics? Negative. Because they either would have had to defend the indefensible, or . . . fart out begrudging agreement with a feminist. In public. And, goodness, we certainly can’t have that.

But again: “Conservatives,” Jeff, Allah, and the commenters at Protein Wisdom, have nothing to do with my post.

Thus goes the argument, and that brings us back to Lauren’s post. She and Jill and fucking Marcotte especially

Check out the ever-present hard-on for Amanda. I’d riff more on this one but I don’t want to gross her out.

I can see bringing Jill into it since we share a blog, but Amanda? Get over it, man.

are willing to impute all manner of ulterior motives to folks like me and Jeff-even, as I just explained, if we’re not conscious of those motives.

Right, that’s why Jill and I have all but rolled out the red carpet for them, allowed them to stay on and hijack thread after thread despite repeated, one-sided attacks on our characters with but a few reprisals. And that’s why Jill and I are obsessively refreshing the Protein Wisdom page to find something, anything, to pick on in order to get fresh blog material for Feministe.

So here comes this Muslim woman mouthing platitudes about how her little quasi-chastity-belt hijab “empowers” her, and what does Lauren do? Accepts it entirely at face value. Eats it up with a fucking spoon. Never mind the colossal cultural pressures this woman must feel, and must have felt all her life, to show the “appropriate” degree of modesty in public. No unconscious influences there at all.

Eating it up with a spoon would be: “And after that I realized Muizza was entirely right about everything, and furthermore I’m converting to Islam immediately and will be wearing the hijab myself from now on.”

I’d like him to demonstrate where I ate this up with a spoon or thought about it uncritically. Go on, Mr. Ex-Lawyer-Ex-Blogger-Man. Give me your best evidence.

Lauren’s post made me wonder, what exactly would a feminist taxonomy of good faith look like? I think something like this:

1. Women of color. Presumptively always act in good faith.
2. White women. Presumptively always act in good faith except in matters of race, since they are, after all, white people, and therefore are irredeemably racist. At least on an unconscious level.
3. Men of color. Presumptively always act in good faith except in matters of gender, since they are, after all, men, and therefore harbor some secret desire to control uteruses or fucking whatever.
4. White men. Presumptively never act in good faith. Presumption cannot be rebutted, except insofar as to show false consciousness rather than malicious intent.

Cue Dinesh D’Souza.

Taxonomy of Allah’s argument (white anti-terrorist dude calling himself Allah shouldn’t need to be pointed out, but I will — it’s as choice as David Duke calling himself Yahweh):
1) Lump all “feminists” together.
2) Ascribe a position to your feminist debate opponent that they haven’t maintained.
3) Accuse them of inconsistency when they don’t follow it.
4) Continue to ignore their statements to the contrary, return to penis-hatin’-ugly-horse saw.
5) Return to (1); repeat.

Which brings me to MY question: Did you read the post at all, hon?

And my other question: How do you complain about AmLaurJill, the vaginal collective’s, ostensible habit of unfairly ascribing motive (pardon me, I mean intent) to you and your conservative brethren, our ideological opponents . . . by ascribing intent to said vagcoll, without exploding your head?

And my other, other question: If the ha-ha! gotcha! question of the ProW Crew is, would a feminist defend a Christian woman choosing to garb herself modestly, well, let’s look at this from the other side: Would Jeff and Allah be down with modesty-wear if the Christian woman were explicitly arguing her decision to do so from a feminist standpoint? Or would we just see a run of posts at ProW, Allah’s mouthpiece, mangling that Andrea Dworkin quote about all sex being rape again?

(Plus an abusive aside about Amanda Marcotte. Pinch of Catharine MacKinnon. Add water. Stir.)

That about right? You can switch numbers 2 and 3 around depending upon whether the issue deals with race or gender.

What fucking bullshit.

Bullshit, indeed.

I’m in way more sympathy with Muizza than I would have been at seventeen — there was only one path to rebellion and nonconformity in my childhood, and it wasn’t a path to modesty. Now that I am, in Derbyshire terms, years past my fuck-by date, I can see the point of it better. As for her continuing to wear hijab, given the environment at the school, I absolutely do see this as a kind of finger-in-the-eye to the racists. Anyway, it all kind of brings up another question I’d like to see Allah answer:

Do you object to the hijab because it’s oppressive, or because she poked you in your eye too?

But don’t mind me. I wouldn’t want to be guilty of making bad-faith assumptions.

Next up, War! On! Xmas! Babies for breakfast!

UPDATE: Shorter Lauren.

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She’s A Man!

Like I need yet another test telling me how unfeminine I am.

You scored 76 masculinity and 43 femininity!
You scored high on masculinity and low on femininity. You have a traditionally masculine personality.

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 84% on masculinity
free online dating free online dating
You scored higher than 10% on femininity

Link: The Bem Sex Role Inventory Test written by weirdscience on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test
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“Men’s Rights” to Women’s Bodies is a Feminist Argument

Spare me.

Conley re-evaluates his original argument in the Times, and pretty much just digs himself a deeper hole. But, contrary to various accusations from other left-wing blogs, Conley is neither an anti-choice zealot nor an idiot. He’s pro-choice, and he’s socially liberal — in other words, he’s one of us, he just really misses the boat on this issue. And that’s why I think he’s worth engaging. So here goes, piece by piece:
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Consider the Hijab: Blogging Against Racism

Blogging against racism a full week late. Forgive me.

Earlier this week my mentor teacher (MT) parodied the hippies of the 60s, which was easy because she was one, and stood in the hallways with her “Make Love, Not War” placard, two fingers held up in a peace sign, clad in Indian-print shirt and bandana. She resumed her position at the head of the classroom this week, teaching Transcendentalist literature to our college-bound 11th graders. In order to put the transcendentalists into some sort of frame that these kids understand, we have been drawing connections between those in the 1860s and those in the 1960s, painting them as ideological brethren. “My parting words to you,” I started last Friday as I wrapped up my tenure with their class. “It’s all John Lennon, baby, living for today.”

The students are only interested in the hippies’ drugs. Nonetheless, we tried to impart the importance of political action and public works that were so prevalent to these thinkers and assigned a fun experiment that MT modeled above: Commit a public act of nonconformity, step outside of your comfort zone, record your observations, share with the class on Monday.

Their projects have been interesting. Three girls walked out of class unannounced (and were so scared they ran right back into their seats after doing a lap around the cafeteria), and two girls came to school clad in a grab bag of political slogans ranging from the pro-Christian to the anti-war. Another girl, an uber-preppy straight-A student, came to school dressed in knee high leather boots, a short skirt, and white bandana, strutting the halls like a biker babe with the bad attitude to match and skipped classes all day to hang out with the most awesome student teacher ever.

The most radical experiement of them all took my breath away. Yesterday, a Muslim student, only one of two in the school, took off her hijab.

Continue reading

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Friday Random Ten – The “It Might Be a Good Day” Edition

My, what an interesting mix:

1. X-Ray Spex – Oh Bondage Up Yours!
2. Heatmiser – Cruel Reminder
3. Rufus Wainwright – April Fools
4. Natasha Atlas – It’s a Man’s World (when patriarchy-blaming gets sexy)
5. RZA – The Birth
6. Roman Bolks – Rebirth in Three Cruel Parts
7. Pharcyde – She Said
8. Faith No More – We Care Alot
9. Gil Scott Heron – Save the Children
10. T-Rex – Ride a White Swan

Bonus Track: Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot – Comic Strip

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Kiss Me Under the Xmas Tree

Pablo hasn’t yet figured out what Doug realized on the first day. A Christmas tree is one gigantic cat toy.

Biggest Cat Toy Ever

The kitties won’t be removed from our front room, basking in the glow of Christmas tree lights, (cue Isaac Hayes) making sweet, sweet love.

More Wuv

I thought Ethan would be way more excited about the tree, but his excitement is almost completely limited to bitching Doug out for batting the ornaments off of the tree.

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Snow Day!

Thanks, everyone, for doing the dance.

12.9.05 8am

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