Seattle Passes Smoking Ban

And it’s the most restrictive in the country. Now, liberal though I may be, I’m a big fan of smoking bans. Why? Well, I don’t smoke, I hate cigarette smoke, and while I support the rights of other people to do what they want with their bodies, smoking inside closed spaces like bars and restaurants […] more

Everyone I’ve Ever Loved

is at Cooper Union tonight. About five steps from where I’ll be studying in the library. I hate my life. If you live in New York, go. If you don’t, or if you’re desperately trying not to fail out of law school, be sad like me, because here’s who you’re missing: Edward Albee, Sandra Cisneros, […] more

NYU Grad Student Strike

This has been brewing for a while, and it’s set to happen tomorrow. The situation, basically, is this: Under a 2000 National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decision, graduate students, who teach classes in addition to taking their own, had the right to unionize. They had this right based on the theory that they are both […] more