Silly Things

Because I’m distracting myself from studying by listening to every Bob Dylan song in my collection, and because there’s never enough love in the world, go now, music fans, and share what you think are the best love songs ever. This is also where you get to truly see how crappy my taste in music […] more

The Chick Flick

A must-read LA Times article about how the “chick flick” title ghettoizes and marginalizes women’s experiences. Any movie that shows women’s experiences, or that caters to a female audience, is immediately labelled a “chick flick,” implying that it’s less serious, less important, and unappealing to male audiences. And it’s a blanket category at that, the […] more

Seattle Passes Smoking Ban

And it’s the most restrictive in the country. Now, liberal though I may be, I’m a big fan of smoking bans. Why? Well, I don’t smoke, I hate cigarette smoke, and while I support the rights of other people to do what they want with their bodies, smoking inside closed spaces like bars and restaurants […] more