TODAY: Pro-Choice Fashion Show

UPDATE: Show was tonight, and it was amazing. New pictures are up here! And even more by fantastic photographer Gary He here.


If you’re in NYC, you must come. Body as Billboard Fashion Show, Monday Nov. 21st, 9pm, NYU’s Kimmel Center E&L Auditorium (4th floor). Kimmel is located on Washington Square South. Tickets are $7 for NYU students, $30 non-NYU. You can buy them at Ticket Central, downstairs in Kimmel.

The show features designs by Periel Aschenbrand, creator of the “The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own” shirt. All proceeds benefit Keep a Child Alive, which provides HIV/AIDS relief to children and families.


Plus, TYSON BECKFORD will be walking the runway. And let’s be honest, it doesn’t get any hotter than that.

I went to the dress rehearsal tonight, and was blown away. You definitely don’t want to miss this one. More pictures below the fold, and even more here (intermixed with others, my apologies; scroll to the bottom).

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Real Smart

What do you do when you’re laid up with a kidney infection and millions of papers to grade?

A quiz!
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Herring Fart to Communicate, Study Suggests

I would just like to point out that Chris Clarke and I broke wind this National Geographic story months ago.

Save this file to hear gentle conversation between regal fish.

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What’s Wrong With This Article, Mom?

Really, how many times can we write op/eds crying, “Little girls are dressing like whores!”? Well apparently the issue isn’t exhausted yet.

Women once complained about being reduced to sex objects. Now, their daughters are volunteering to be sex objects.

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Anti-Christian Bias?

Do UC schools discriminate when they refuse to give credit for classes based on textbooks by Bob Jones University? According to the perpetual-victim Evangelical set, yes.

Now, it’s obviously problematic if religious discrimination is actually going on. But refusing to accept a science credit for a creationist “biology” class doesn’t seem all that unreasonable to me. A student simply won’t be able to compete in an upper-level bio class if all he learned is “God created the earth in seven days, and Darwin was wrong.” Similarly, he’s gonna have a hell of a time in an upper-level lit class if he’s been reading nothing but the Bible and C.S. Lewis for four years, and all he’s been taught to do is extract Christian messages from the books he reads.

Religious education is fine. But when the religious part of it trumps everything else, to the point where students aren’t really learning the things that will prepare them for academic life in college, it seems that the problem is with religious schools not doing their job, not with colleges discriminating.

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In Jesus’ Name, I Pray

Or at least, I give thanks that this lady isn’t my mom. Watch the video. I promise, you will not regret it. Good LORD.

UPDATE: It keeps on getting better. Check out the mp3. via Mikey.

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Happy Anniversary!

I just realized that this month marks by six-month anniversary of my first Feministe post (not quite to the day, but close enough). I’m not really one for anniversaries — I was in a relationship for three years and still can’t tell you when our anniversary was (and god knows we never celebrated it) — but what can I say, my love for this blog has taught this old dog new tricks. So, a big thanks to Lauren for inviting me here six months ago. It feels like it’s been much longer… in a good way, of course (you know when you get really close to someone, and you can’t remember what it was like to live your life without them? It’s like that. Only better).

So cheers to you, Feministe. And you, Miss Lauren. And this is cheesy (here’s a secret: deep inside, I’m cheesy), but cheers to all you who comment and make me feel like I have a real community here. Ya’ll have made me smile on my worst of days, and offered exceptional challenges and criticisms that have forced me to think harder and deeper about nearly everything I believe in. I’m raising a delicious glass of Poggio Bidini Nero d’Avola to you — here’s to another six months. And to Lauren feeling better!

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Things That Suck #2673-9

2673. Spending all week in paper-grading overload so you can have something resembling a weekend.

2674. Getting sick during your so-called free time.

2675. Deciding that a 101 degree fever can’t keep you down, go out anyway.

2676. Deciding while you are out that going out was not a good idea.

2677. Ditching friend you haven’t seen forever to go lay around and feel like shit.

2678. Spending 24 hours laid up in the boyfriend’s apartment without cable or internet access.

2679. Flu or kidney infection?

Entertain me and leave your own in the comments. Must be orderly, numbered, and cannot make me laugh out loud. My back hurts.

Things That Do Not Suck #1) Living in a town small enough that when you call a doctor, he or she will prescribe you antibiotics and pain medication over the phone on a Saturday night. Thank you, doctor. Thank you.

Also, 95% sure this is a kidney infection.

Definitely a kidney infection. The night tremors/shivers give it away.

I was laid up in the hospital for a full week with a kidney infection while pregnant with Ethan. Though they told me that I would thereafter be prone to UTIs, bladder infections, and kidney infections, I have always managed to thwart them until now. My body hates me.

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Things to Read

A nice homage to one of my favorite writers, Italo Calvino. While you’re at it, get off the computer and read a real book — I’d recommend “If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler.” But, as the author of this piece says, “Italo Calvino never wrote a bad book,” so whatever you pick will probably be good.

Amanda posts about two EC ads that have the Concerned (anti-)Women for America all aflutter. I don’t like the ads either, but for different reasons, and I’m curious to see what other people think. Weigh in over there.

I was supposed to go to the opening of this macabre exhibit last night, but cancelled at the last minute so that I could stay home and study. Good to know that it might be questionable for reasons other than its display of dead bodies.

Women are still being killed in Juarez, and the Mexican government doesn’t seem too interested in doing anything about it. NOW has gotten involved, and is demanding justice for these women. via Feministing.

Echidne on stupid, smug women (emphasis on the women). Read the comment thread. It’s interesting how many times she’s told, “Lighten up, Steve is on our side” — as if it’s somehow unfair to call out sexism when we see it from people who are otherwise our ideological allies. Other comments range from the just plain stupid (“you don’t like his language, wake up and realize what kind of world we’re living in. you don’t have to use it yourself, but you can be acceptant of it as appropriate for the subject matter being dealt with”) to the downright hostile (” Does your ass look fat on this blog? I dunno. Now get me a beer and shut up”).

Perhaps the most inane take yet on Heidi Fleiss’ “stud farm.”

Heidi’s Stud Farm, a house of prostitution where men will cater to women, will surely engender much press coverage and gnashing of feminist teeth.

Gnashing of feminist teeth? I have a feeling it’ll be the right-wingers who are more upset about this one. Although certainly feminists are interested.

It’s hard to resist the clever punch lines. Why not call it “The Cuddle Farm” or “Heidi’s House of Endless Conversations About Where the Relationship Is Going”?

…because women are incapable of having sex just for physical pleasure. And even when women pay for sex, they’re looking for a relationship. Men, on the other hand, are heartless clods who feel no emotional attachment during sex, ever, and have to be hog-tied and dragged into a relationship.

To be fair, the writer recognizes that maybe that isn’t the case. But then…

But if women can pay for sex at a high-end, celebrity-owned resort — think of it as Canyon Ranch without those strenuous hikes — we’ve got more than a political movement, we’ve got the Official Headquarters of Equality.

If the epitome of “equality” is the ability for both genders to pay for sex, find me a new movement.

New Idea Guy says, “Both sides of the Roe debate are disingenuous!”

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Friday Random Ten – 2nd Ed.

Last week I forgot. Thankfully, our Leader reminded me this time.

1. Jem – Maybe I’m Amazed
2. Violent Femmes – Country Death Song
3. Finley Quaye with Beth Orton – Dice
4. Mariah Carey ft. Mase & Puffy – Honey (Bad Boy Remix)
5. Coldplay – Fix You (I know, I know)
6. Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place
7. Elvis Costello – My Mood Swings
8. Ben Harper – Alone
9. Gypsy Kings – Baila Me
10. Nirvana – Plateau

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A Note

Devastatingly obvious, I know, but this seems rather impractical.

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Friday Random Ten – The “Everybody Poots” Edition

Fire up your favorite mp3 player (WinAmp here) and load up all of your mp3s. If it’s Friday somewhere, it’s time for the Thank God It’s A Goddamned Friday Random Ten, so let’s see what the random shuffle spits out and go tell it on the virtual mountain.

1) William Shatner – Has Been
2) Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me (shut up)
3) The Dirtbombs – Chains of Love
4) The Roots – Step Into the Realm
5) Johnny Cash – Thirteen
6) Echo and the Bunnymen – Nothing Lasts Forever
7) Nelly McKay – Toto Dies
8) The Meteors – Give the Devil His Due
9) Sebastian Tellier – Lenny
10) Le Tigre – My Art

BONUS TRACK: Wesley Willis – The Vultures Ate My Dead Ass Up

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