Is It Really a Hearing If Everyone’s Turned a Deaf Ear?

Borrowing Roxanne’s title because it is just too perfect.

I watched a good portion of the Roberts hearings yesterday on C-SPAN, a process so boring and circular that it put me to sleep for a three-hour-long unexpected nap. I kept waiting for the Democrats to hand his ass to him — call me naive — but all we got was a bit of grandstanding and snark, window dressing on a smooth confirmation. Some Republican idiot speechified on the evils of abortion for over five minutes without asking a question. The Dems were no better, allowing Roberts to bob and weave his way past their questions

In case you were wondering, this is the “important shit” and the big guys have a handle on it. Just make sure you get your permission slip before you walk out of the line.

Finally, I noticed more than a few bloggers who enjoyed raking Markos over the coals for his saying he was not going to sweat the “pie ad” and would concentrate on the important stuff had no blogging on Roberts today. Love that commitment to women’s issues from those bloggers.

Well, guess what. This IS the important stuff. And guess again — Markos gave me carte blanche to blog Roberts throughout the day.

I hope folks remember that when they are again tempted to attack daily kos as lacking commitment to women and their rights.

Kevin Drum is right when he calls the Roberts hearings one big “Kabuki dance,” and I’d be loathe not to point out that Armando’s blathering is a big ol’ show as well. This isn’t about the right to privacy or access to reproductive medical care, for the kossacks this is about towing the party line, acknowledging abortion rights only when they’re convenient.

Really, a quote like that is Christmas in July for feminist bloggers. Armando should know by now that us feminists mock like champions and we ain’t gonna let that one slide.

For us, this is the big boys selling out our freedom while we’re instructed to sit back and let those with real “commitment to women’s issues” call the shots. And if that doesn’t bring the funny, I don’t know what does.

A hearty fuck you right back at ya, Armando. And fuck the Democrat sell-outs, too, while you’re at it.

UPDATE: Amanda and PFH are on it.

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Why Buy the Cow?

Well, first of all, if I were to buy a cow, I’d want to make sure I got one whose milk I enjoyed. It would be pretty unfortunate to purchase a cow with no prior knowledge of said cow’s milk, and end up dehydrated and unhappy.

But my thoughts on this whole issue aren’t quite as eloquent as Hugo’s, so check out his post, which is sex-positive from the view of a married heterosexual progressive Christian male. He does a great job of pointing out the inherent sexism to the “Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free” argument, and dismisses a lot of conservative claims (“Back in the day, people waited till they were married,” “Waitng until you’re married makes you less likely to divorce,” etc).

I have to say that as a Christian, a married person, and as a man, I find the notion that women ought to withhold sex in order to convince men to marry them to be profoundly objectionable. It certainly reflects a very limited view of men, women, and the nature of marriage! It also ignores what I think is the real reason for falling marriage rates: not sex, but economics. As more and more middle-class women become financially independent, more and more of us of both sexes can choose to be “picky” about whom we marry. We can make it on our own in a way that earlier generations could not; that means that marriages are more likely to be reflect our romantic and spiritual choices than our need and our dependence. On the whole, I tend to think that’s a good thing for both men and women.


I’d go so far as to suggest that for those of us raised in a more sexually tolerant and affluent culture, when we go to the altar with our college degrees and our IRAs and our own set of past physical experiences, we can offer our new spouse the radical assurance that we are truly marrying them for who they are, not for what we will finally be allowed to do!


If you want to get married, that is. Or as one commenter added, Why buy the pig when all you want is a little sausage? Ha.

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Call to Conservatives: Stop Brown People From Loitering!

“Unfortunately, the right to loiter is the law of the land.” — La Shawn Barber.

Damn that Constitution! Without it, we’d be able to round up those irritating brown people, for having the audacity to just stand there in public.

You know this whole “I don’t really hate brown people, just all illegal immigrants (the brown ones, anyway)” point of view is really getting out of hand when conservatives are trying to figure out ways to prosecute brown people for simply standing outside of a 7-11. One plan is to build a center for these day-workers, so that they leave 7-11 alone. Of course, the kids on the right oppose even that action, because it would be doing something for the browns. So they’re pulling out every card: Zoning laws, declaring a state of emergency (“Brown man standing outside 7-11! Somebody call the National Guard, this situation is out of control!”), even the Minute Men. Don’t these people have something more productive to be doing?

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Michelle Malkin’s War Memorial

because 9/11 was a war. Could have fooled me.

I am not an architect, but here is my 9/11 architectural philosophy: War memorials should memorialize war. If you want peace and understanding and healing and good will toward all, go build Kabbalah centers.

No soldiers. No declaration of war. Sept. 11 was an attack by non-military combatants on a civilian population — and it makes about as much sense to create a 9/11 war memorial as it does to create an Oklahoma City war memorial.

When the designers of the Flight 93 memorial actually had the audacity to try and include aspects like “healing” and “contemplation” — you know, things which suggest that some people might be sad that these people died unnecessarily — boy did Michelle get heated:

This is no way to fight a war. Or to remember those who have died fighting it.

A proper war memorial stirs to anger and action.

I cry whenever I go to the Vietnam Veteran’s memorial in DC. I don’t feel “stirred to action,” although admittedly I walk away feeling angry at our government over involving us in another unnecessary war. I don’t feel like picking up a gun after visiting the WWII memorial, or the Holocaust museum, or the Korean War memorial. If I remember them correctly, all those memorials manage to focus on bravery and courage, while still allowing space for grief, contemplation and hope for peace.

And they were actually war memorials. Do I need to say it again? The innocent passengers on Flight 93 didn’t die fighting in a war. This is not a war memorial. I agree that it’s important to immortalize the heroics of the people on that flight. But it’s completely innappropriate to turn a memorial into a politicized “let’s kick some ass, yay war!” campaign. And for the record, I think that the chosen design is quite beautiful.

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Blacks Pay More for Mortgages

At every income level, blacks take out more expensive mortgages. So blacks end up paying more for their homes than whites in similar economic circumstances. Hmmm, I wonder why that could be?

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Education: Can’t Afford It, Can’t Have It

NYU, as an institution, is desirable. But the more we want it, the more money it will cost us. This is the cost of an NYU education. It is expensive. And, like a Porsche, if you can’t afford it, you can’t have it.

Entitled NYU douchebaggery at its finest.

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I’m looking for a Gmail account. If anyone has an extra they’d like to share, please let me know.

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Muslims are Nazis, kind of. Let’s declare war on them.

Total lack of historical knowledge, anyone?

Radical Islam, sometimes accurately called Islamo-fascism, has all the “advantages” the Nazis had in Germany in the 1930s. The Islamo-fascists find a Muslim population adrift, confused and humiliated by the dominance of foreign nations and cultures. They find a large, youthful population increasingly disdainful of their parents’ passive habits.

Just as the Nazis reached back to German mythology and the supposed Aryan origins of the German people, the radical Islamists reach back to the founding ideas and myths of their religious culture. And just like the Nazis, they claim to speak for authentic traditions while actually advancing expedient and radical innovations.

Now, wait a minute — weren’t the Nazis appealing to a sense of supposed tradition and rightful ownership of Germany, that Jewish and other non-Aryans couldn’t possibly have had? As far as I know, Nazis weren’t an immigrant group, they were quite the opposite. So… wouldn’t it follow that an immigrant group couldn’t really pull that card outside of their own country?

Well, we’ll just ignore that little problem and move right along, because, Nazis or not, these Muslims are really becoming an issue. Luckily, Tony Blankley has a solution : That’s right, it’s another WWII!

World War II was good, despite the millions of deaths, the limitations on daily lives, the encroachment on peacetime liberties and the arduousness of wartime life. The war was good because the sacrifice was for a noble cause, for the perpetuation of America and the American way of life.

The struggle against Islamist terrorism is an equally good war — and for the same reasons. We have just as great a responsibility to win our struggle against insurgent Islamist aggression as our parents and grandparents had to win World War II.

Continue reading

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Hypocrites at the U.N.

Kristof is right: The leaders of the most developed nations in the world are not doing enough to help the poor. A few points:

-The world’s richest 500 people have the same income as the world’s poorest 416 million.

-If the U.S. and other wealthy nations spent $7 billion every year for the next decade to provide 2.6 billion people with clean drinking water, 4,000 lives a day would be saved. Americans spend more than that on cosmetic surgery.

-Annual world spending to fight AIDS, which kills three million people a year, equals military expenditures for three days.

-In India, girls between the ages of 1 and 5 are 50 percent more likely to die than boys — that’s 130,000 girls a year who, as Kristof says, “are discriminated to death.”

-“the gap between the current trendline on child mortality and the one the [U.N.] leaders committed themselves to amounts to 41 million children dying before their fifth birthday over the next decade.”

University of Ottawa professor Amir Attan has more.

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Women: Ruining the World

Because Judeo-Christian values are apparently experiencing a major devaluation, women suddenly have power — and now they’ve gone off and ruined everything. Oh, and Christianity’s oppression of women is reason #22 why it’s really fantastic.

Who lets these nutjobs publish this shit?

Judeo-Christian values do not conflate equality with sameness. But the Left rejects any suggestion of innate sexual differences. That is why the president of Harvard University nearly lost his job for merely suggesting that one reason there are fewer women in engineering and science faculties is that the female and male brains differ in their capacities in these areas. A secular liberal who advocates affirmative action based on sex, Harvard’s president nevertheless also has — or had, until his humiliation at the hands of his faculty — a belief in seeking truth.

And the truth is that men and women are profoundly different.

One of these differences is that women generally have a more difficult time transcending their emotions than men. There are, of course, millions of individual women — such as Margaret Thatcher — who are far more rational than many men; but that only makes these women’s achievements all the more admirable. It hardly invalidates the proposition.

Women (except for Margaret Thatcher) are crying emotional wrecks who should not be allowed to handle anything that requires “rationality.”

To say that the human race needs masculine and feminine characteristics is to state the obvious. But each sex comes with prices. Men can too easily lack compassion, reduce sex to animal behavior and become violent. And women’s emotionality, when unchecked, can wreak havoc on those closest to these women and on society as a whole — when emotions and compassion dominate in making public policy.

Why do women’s emotionalities go unchecked? My best guess is because men aren’t doing their part (animal behavior, violence, etc). And as a sidenote, who would you rather have in charge: A crazed animalistic brute, or a compassionate but overly-sensitive person? Hmmm.

The latter is what is happening in America. The Left has been successful in supplanting masculine virtues with feminine ones. That is why “compassion” is probably the most frequently cited value. That is why the further left you go, the greater the antipathy to those who make war. Indeed, universities, the embodiment of feminist emotionality and anti-Judeo-Christian values, ban military recruiters and oppose war-themed names for their sports teams.

Here’s where I’m confused: Since when is “feminist” the same as “feminine”? I thought we feminists were all combat-boot-wearing baby-hating bull-dykes? We don’t have “compassion”! We just want to wage war on men!

In the micro realm, the feminine virtues are invaluable — for example, women hear infants’ cries far more readily than men do. But as a basis for governance of society, the feminization of public policy is suicidal.

Ah yes. That mystical feminine gift of being able to hear. I’m so glad that God made the sexes inherently equal by giving men all the power, and granting me the ability to know if a baby is screaming. This sure makes me proud to be a Christian.

Pandagon has more.

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NYC Women Have The Sex, Use Protection

From Ryan at Liberal Serving comes this odd little story, that New York City women have 23% more sex than women elsewhere in the country, and 93% use protection during their first time with a new person (and the other times?). This information was gathered by the condom company Trojan using a super-extra-scientific web survey.

As Ryan sez:

So apparently, wrapping condoms in pastel colors and soft, flowing shapes (and anorexic figures – take a look) will get them to buy more condoms. Well, can’t get too down on promoting condom use, even if it is through the inefficient filter of weird marketing. Sex ed would be a nice start. Maybe calming the hoards of condom-haters debating failure rates would help. Empowering individual women to take control of their sexual lives… well, I’m the last to know how to do that, though lesbian erotica is a gift of choice for me (giving – to others!). Regardless of the intent, pro-sex, pro-condom messages are good – even if creepy, and I’m anxious to see how this will all pan out.

Unfortunately I can’t see the article at the NYPost, so we’ll just have to take his word for it. Anyone who thinks Midwestern girls aren’t having enough sex to make the baby Jesus cry needs to come for a visit.

No pun intended, I swear.

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Blogger Sightings and Stuff

Whoever keeps searching for me by first and last name: Hello. Just email me already. And if I don’t like you, fucking quit it.

The other night I took a long walk trying to alleviate some of the tension I am feeling over student teaching. I took my usual walk to campus with my headphones and inappropriate shoes and hit up a coffee shop for some lemon tea. I got indoors and, as usual, started sweating my ass off as soon as my skin felt air conditioning.

Over to my left I heard, “Is *whisper whisper* girl *whisper whisper* blog? Hurry!”

I glanced over and saw three or four people sitting on some couches with a laptop, looking at me and looking at the laptop. One of them had craned his head around to stare.

Yes, the non-LiveJournal community in this town is that small. Additionally, I believe I and this blog are being used as an example in the English department by certain people who shall not be named.

I sneered back at them. Who said too much time on the internet makes one antisocial?

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