Online Surveys Should Have Comments Systems

I might be blogging too much, but when I was solicited to take an online college survey, I truly wished there were comment boxes available for me to flesh out my answers. I took the damn thing sort of like I take a quiz on what 70s glam rock icon I am, all the while […] more

One More Design Thing

At the request of a reader, I put our author names and timestamps underneath the titles on individual entry pages, so that way you may better attribute, praise, and mock us as individuals. Cheers. more

To Tip or Not to Tip

I always tip in restaurants, even if the service is crappy. Why? Because I know that service jobs really suck, that the waitperson is probably making less than minimum wage, and that they’re on their feet all day probably dealing with rude and difficult customers. But tipping is also awkward. What if you do get […] more