Top Five Things To Improve Public Schools

Edutopia asked their readers what top five things they would do to improve the state of America’s public schools. The answers shouldn’t be surprising. Now, how to get it all done in the face of tripe like NCLB. more

Tucker Carlson: Supporter of State-Sponsored Terrorism

This is Fernando Pereira, a freelance photographer working with Greenpeace. He was killed in the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior by the French government in 1985: Days earlier, the crew of the Rainbow Warrior had rescued and relocated the people of Rongelap. The United States government had just detonated the largest nuclear bomb since Hiroshima, […] more

Technical Difficulties

I have been absent from the blog, and will probably continue to be, because of several technical issues at my house (I’m in Seattle for the next two weeks before going back to New York). The story is at least kind of entertaining: My sister switched cell phone providers from Verizon to T-Mobile. My mom […] more

Butt Print Art

For afficionados and juvenile delinquents alike. Also see the artistic explanation. Oh my. more

More Adventures in Gardening

While making tomato sauce for a lovely baked pasta dish, we found this. Note Ethan’s lip curled in disgust. It’s a good thing we found it before chopping the tomato. Mr. Snail was shortly thereafter deposited on a squash leaf, but not before we squealed with delight at its feelers and slimy trail. Again, I […] more