Bend It Like Peek Peek

A bit of cat fandom on my end. Every time I see this cat’s photostream I laugh out loud.

Peek Peek is surly, fluffy, and can’t possibly be a real animal. I mean, look at him. In this picture, he’s sort of melting into the sofa like a Hershey’s kiss.

This definitely inspires me to find a persian sometime in the future. With a face like that, what’s not to love (or laugh at)?

Bend It Like Peek Peek originally uploaded by bokeh.

More Friday Cat Blogging: Because my house is weird.
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Susan Wood, an Interview

The Village Voice has a great interview with Susan Wood, the former director of the FDA’s Office of Women’s Health, who resigned after a sneaky move to keep the morning-after pill, called Plan B, off pharmacy shelves even after some called it the “safest product they had seen in years.”

Who made the decision to postpone selling Plan B in pharmacies?
I don’t know. It did not appear to me that any of the professional staff were involved. At every level of the review process, we agreed that this was safe, effective, and appropriate for over-the-counter use. The decision was not made in the usual passage.

Opponents call Plan B an “abortion pill.” Is there any logic to this?
The only connection this product has with abortions is that it prevents them. The public debate baffles me. It’s extraordinary. Plan B delays ovulation. No matter when you believe life or pregnancy begins, this product is unlikely to ever involve a fertilized egg.

Italicized emphasis mine.

via Feministing

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The Real Lesson of Katrina

The essential point is this: If all of our politicians and agencies could not properly prepare to handle a catastrophe like Hurricane Katrina – when we had at least 48 hours prior warning – how can we possibly handle multiple, simultaneous nuclear strikes by Muslim terrorists on our cities?


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Girl Scouts: Feminists, Lesbians and Cookie-Peddlers

These right-wing nutjobs make blogging a lot easier — I don’t even have to come up with my own titles anymore, since I can just use their words.

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African-Americans are the Dumbest People on the Planet

Again, their title, not mine. I should really stop reading this bullshit, but it’s apparently a decent indication of what it means to live a “Conservative Life,” so I like to check it out and remind myself that these guys aren’t so much on the side of the angels.

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Because Illegalization Makes Abortion Go Away

Oh, that’s right, it doesn’t.

According to a study (2002-2004), `Unwanted Pregnancy and Post-abortion Complications in Pakistan,’ conducted by the Population Council of Pakistan, the estimated national abortion rate is 29 per 1,000 women in the reproductive age-group.

That’s pretty close to the U.S. abortion rate. The Netherlands, by contrast, where abortion and contraceptives are legal and widely available, has a rate that’s around 6 per 1,000 women in reproductive age.

According to the study, 23 per cent of the women who resort to unsafe abortions by unskilled health providers (since most reputed doctors and hospitals will not offer abortion facilities) are later hospitalised for complications.

Complications from septic abortions are a leading cause of maternal deaths. The findings also point to the vast unmet need for family planning services. Most abortions are carried out to prevent unwanted births.

Read the whole article. It’s too hard for me to pick out the important parts, because it’s all so notable.

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Beijing Seizes “Barefoot Lawyer”

Chen Guancheng, a 34-year-old blind peasant who has become a rather unlikely hero in the rural Chinese legal system, was seized in Beijing for daring to promote reproductive choice in China. He was in the process of filing a class-action lawsuit to challenge China’s restrictive population-control abuses in rural areas, and was gaining national attention. Before he could meet with sympathetic government officials, he was snatched off the street by a group of men in plain clothes.

This case is of particular interest to me because Chen’s mentor, Jerome Cohen, is an NYU Law professor, and I spent about three months editing an article about Chen and Cohen for the NYU School of Law Annual Alumni Magazine — you can find the article here (pdf) on page 5. It’s a pretty incredible story, and this recent turn of events is tragic. Keep Chen in your thoughts, and if you pray, in your prayers.

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Friday Random Ten – The Substitute Teacher Edition

1) Butthole Surfers – Hurdy Gurdy Man (surprisingly good cover)
2) Cat Power – American Flag
3) Beth Gibbons – Mysteries
4) Magnolia Electric Co. – The Dark Don’t Hide It
5) Cee-Lo ft. TI – The One
6) Erykah Badu – Cleva
7) Sufjan Stevens – Riffs and Variations
8) Le Tigre – Deceptacon
9) Nina Simone – Wild Is a Wind
10) The Shins – Kissing the Lipless

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All Homosexuals Are Filled With Shame and Self-Hatred

Their title, not mine. If you ever wanted to get a good look at how disgusting, hateful and vile human beings are capable of being, read this post and the comments. But be forewarned: you’ll need a shower afterwards.

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Evacuees “Better Off”

“What I’m hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas,” Barbara Bush said in an interview on Monday with the radio program “Marketplace.” “Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality.”

“And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway,” she said, “so this is working very well for them.”

…do I even need to comment?

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Hipster Guerilla Advertising

Okay, post edited.

It appears I jumped to conclusions due to the American Apparel crap that has been happening in Blogtopia. Thereby I retract my initial cynicism and will re-promote these guys.

Turtle Tees are donating their entire month’s proceeds to the American Red Cross for Katrina victims. And if Mac knows and likes them, they’re a-okay by me.

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“What Didn’t Go Right?”

Oh, such innocence: What didn’t go right?

[Nancy] Pelosi, speaking at a news conference, said Brown had “absolutely no credentials” when Bush picked him to run FEMA.

She related that she urged Bush at the White House on Tuesday to fire Brown.

“He said, ‘Why would I do that?'” Pelosi said.

“I said because of all that went wrong, of all that didn’t go right last week.’ And he said ‘What didn’t go right?'”

“Oblivious, in denial, dangerous,” she added.

McClellan disputed Pelosi’s account of the meeting, and later, Brown sidestepped when asked whether he had offered his resignation.

If you’re up for more ridiculousness, try to figure out what McClellan’s rebuttal sounded like.

via Preemptive Karma and Media Girl

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