More Adventures in Gardening

While making tomato sauce for a lovely baked pasta dish, we found this. Note Ethan’s lip curled in disgust. It’s a good thing we found it before chopping the tomato. Mr. Snail was shortly thereafter deposited on a squash leaf, but not before we squealed with delight at its feelers and slimy trail. Again, I […] more

Writer In The Making

Ethan just wrote his first short story, as follows. Verbatim. ETHAN AND THE GOOD KAT “YO, KAT. I LOVE YOU.” “I LOVE YOU TOO” And for the record, Ethan explained to me that he knows cat is spelled with a C. He was taking artistic license with character names. He reads it out loud to […] more

Wet Cats

If you liked the pictures of flying cats, you might like this too. more

I Have To Post This

Welcome to my hometown: Get over what happened long ago On Purdue renaming Butz Auditorium (J&C, July 30): It’s about time the black community gets over it. Earl Butz has contributed to Purdue University in more ways than most alumni. What a shame to take his name from a lecture hall named for him. I […] more