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Please donate now.

As alluded to before, I won’t be able to donate cash money, but I’m beginning to knit a few squares with the local Stitch n’ Bitch for Warm Up America. We’re getting together on Monday night, Labor Day, to do so with good company.

At this point, anything that anyone can do will help. Please spread the word.

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Brown People, Please Leave Michelle Malkin Alone

Excuse me, but she is not living in East Los Angeles! She got a cozy home outside of DC primarily to escape all the black people in the city and all the illegals everywhere else. But now there are gangs in her neighborhood. They’re even at Target! And it’s the fault of illegal immigration! Because everyone knows that natural-born citizens don’t join gangs. Besides, those immigrants should stay where they are so that they can continue working for pennies a day, making discount clothes for Ms. Malkin to buy from Target.

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God, Save Us From Looting

The looting in New Orleans wouldn’t have happened if students were taught the 10 Commandments in schools. Cuz that’s the only way to learn that stealing is wrong. Plus, liberals steal, just like the commies. Although, as far as I can tell from the news coverage, looting would be avoided if only there weren’t any black people around. As Lauren pointed out earlier, black people loot. White people find stuff.

Peggy Noonan has a solution to stop looting: “Shoot ’em!” How very Republican and life-affirming of her. The (completely non-) Independent Women’s Forum agrees. (Disenfranchised? Rubbish!) And they pull the tsunami card.

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Get a Job

Further complicating my already hellacious semester, I finally acknowledged that if I don’t become a wage slave I will be in a very real financial crisis in a short few months. The design work has been great, but intermittent, and I won’t be able to devote as much time and effort to design work once student teaching begins. I’m trying to finish up my last design job while planning for the upcoming practicum and, holy shit, I’m about to rip my hair out.

Today I scoured the job ads for part-time placements and dropped off an application at a campus motel looking for work as a night receptionist. Because my advisors have stressed that holding a job while student teaching is “very, very unwise” I need something that will hopefully give me time to grade and plan during my evening hours — waiting tables is definitely out. Further complicating the situation is a small chunk of money that was promised me over the summer that I did not get, thereby wrecking the budget I had that was dependent on said cash. Job it is. *
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76 NYU Arrests

I dropped by this protest yesterday, and it was pretty rad. I love NYU, but their administration is the most bureaucratic, difficult, business-minded entity I’ve ever dealt with in my life. They’re union-busters, plain and simple. They don’t treat their grad students — who teach many undergraduate courses — with the respect that they deserve. There are a variety of issues at play here, but one is that the NYU administration is basing its position on a Bush-appointed panel, which has said that grad students have no right to unionize because they are students, not teachers. During the Clinton years, the Clinton-appointed panel (and I can’t remember the name, but I’ll put it in when I do) ruled that grad student TA’s are both students and university employees (i.e., teachers), and therefore deserve the same right to unionize as other employees. It’s pretty clear to me that grad students, when teaching a class, are teachers.

If you’re an NYU student, support your TAs. They deserve the right to unionize, and they deserve a fair contract, now.

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Another reason to shop

They now sell sex toys.

One bad thing: On the sex toys page, they also sell some things that can be pretty bad for your vagina, like douches and “feminine deodorant sprays.”

Via Feministing.

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What Really Caused Katrina?

Water vapor, warm air, condensation and wind, you say? Oh you sad, sad blue-stater, you just don’t get it, do you? Courtesty of that science-loving radical right, we now know that hurricanes are caused by evil feminists aborting their babies for fun. Except, well, sometimes they’re caused by the sodomites. And occassionally, it’s boobies and Girls Gone Wild. Many of these same sinners also caused 9/11.

via Ryan.

And in other ridiculous right-wing news, does anyone here read The New York Post? I don’t (I think my 50 cents is better spent elsewhere, like on 1/10th of my coffee), but I do read it over the shoulders of other passengers on the subway (thank goodness for huge headlines, small words, simple ideas and big print!). One thing I noticed yesterday was that all the stories covering Katrina were under the page label “Our Tsunami.” Now, Katrina is a horrific tragedy. But is it really “Our Tsunami”? For one thing, it’s not a tsunami by any stretch. And must the right always co-opt someone else’s tragedy for their own gain? I realize in this case they’re just trying to sell papers, but comparing this hurricane to the South Asian tsunami is entirely innaccurate, totally disprespectful and pretty darn stupid.

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And When It Becomes Too Frustrating To Blog About The World, Blog About Music

As of this last week, I have rediscovered my long-time love for Nick Cave. Many years ago, someone gave me “Murder Ballads,” a fascinating concept album that reconfigures the folk tradition of tales of murder for a modern audience. The album includes interesting and unexpected duets and some rather shocking songs.

Two years ago, I blogged about Nick Cave and the search for Stagger Lee, the beginnings of the gangster persona in black neighborhoods of the Midwest coinciding with the rise of the blues, after reading a fascinating article on the history of the song.

Stagger Lee — “While he was waiting to record an album, Nick Cave was reading a book on urban black folklore and came across a version of the Stagolee toast. Cave decided to record it for two reasons. He was fascinated, in the first place, by the homosexuality of this particular version.”

Wild Rose — duet with Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue

Henry Lee — duet with Nick Cave and PJ Harvey

The Curse of Millhaven — whence came my only nickname, Loretta

Baby I Got You Bad — from the B-sides released this March; all other listed songs from “Murder Ballads”

For less provocative versions of “Stagger Lee,” see Fats Domino, Lloyd Price, and Dr. John.

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Mission Accomplished II

I have not had much to say about the situation in Louisiana because I am floored at the footage I have been watching. Not having access to anything but the night’s half-hour of evening news, I was appalled at the destruction waged on New Orleans and Biloxi, the fact that the structures meant to keep the water out flood the city further, that this hurricane target was so unprepared for disaster, the people and pets hacking through their attics, waiting on rooftops to be saved from endless spans of water.

The damage will be long-lived: streets covered in mud and sand, houses coated in petroleum, a city overrun with mosquitos and disease, lives ruined, people dead and dying, a national landmark city leveled.

I read this story and cried for a long while, thinking of the horror of yet another Sophie’s Choice. The loss, real and imagined, is overwhelming.

And while the Gulf Coast drowned, Nero strummed his gee-tar.

How infuriatingly cavalier.

Only in the face of a national disaster did Bush cut short his five-week vacation, but not before a valuable photo-op.

via The Heretik

UPDATE: For many, many pictures of the situation in the Gulf, see Kathryn Cramer’s collection of pictures found about the internets.

UPDATE II: In other news, it’s not looting if you’re white. Also, a reader clues me in to the video footage noted above.

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Girls Don’t Need Self-Esteem, They Need Husbands

I do declare!

The national Girls Scouts of America have invited “pro-abortion, pro-lesbian” speakers to their national convention. The Concerned Women for America are, well, concerned.

Some years ago, the Girls Scouts began purging materials of positive references to homemakers. Instead of being family-centered, the group now promotes “girl empowerment,” with programs that focus heavily on a narcissistic devotion to self, but then steered into collective action for liberal causes, such as environmentalism.

The last thing we want in America is little girls… RECYCLING!

The CWA is most concerned about the speakers that have been invited to the convention, one Dr. Johnnetta Cole, a woman with absolutely amazing credentials, mentorship, and leadership skills including fifty honorary degrees, and one Kavita Ramdas, president and CEO of the Global Fund for Women, “which, among other things, promotes abortion and feminism.”

Ramdas has been pegged dangerous for her advocacy of women’s reproductive rights and sexual health. Dr. Cole has become a target because of a talk titled The Power of Diversity, in which she (I’m not kidding) “used the word ‘power or powerful’ 10 times.”

As far as I know, the Girls Scouts were never primarily about homemaking skills, but who needs self-esteem when you can score yourself a nice husband? Who worships the patriarchy? Cootchie-coo.

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USDA Official Steps Down Due To Morning-After Pill Politics

Susan Wood, a senior member of the FDA and women’s health advocate, stepped down from her position because of the decision to delay the morning-after pill again despite being found safe for over the counter availability.

Her letter of resignation says in part:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I regret to tell you that I am leaving the FDA, and will no longer be serving as the Assistant Commissioner for Women’s Health and Director of the FDA Office of Women’s Health. The recent decision announced by the Commissioner about emergency contraception, which continues to limit women’s access to a product that would reduce unintended pregnancies and reduce abortions is contrary to my core commitment to improving and advancing women’s health. I have spent the last 15 years working to ensure that science informs good health policy decisions. I can no longer serve as staff when scientific and clinical evidence, fully evaluated and recommended for approval by the professional staff here, has been overruled. I therefore have submitted my
resignation effective today.

I will greatly miss working with such an outstanding group of scientists, clinicians and support staff. FDA’s staff is of the highest caliber and it has been a privilege to work with you all. I hope to have future opportunities to work with you in a different capacity.

Had I been in her position I too would have been frustrated all to hell. The Bush administration record on scientific accuracy is poor at best. I only wish she hadn’t left. It appears we’ve lost a significant ally.

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Leslie Crocker Snyder for DA!

If you live in New York, get your ass out and vote for Leslie Crocker Snyder! I’ve been a big fan of this woman, ever since she came and spoke to College Democrats at NYU. She’s dynamic. She was the first woman ever to try homicide cases at the Manhattan DA’s office, and fought her way into that unit . When she first asked her boss if she could transfer to homicide, he turned her down. When she asked again, he said he’d consider it, under one condition — that she got her husband’s permission.

She didn’t, but made it into the unit anyway. She founded and let the Sex Crimes Prosecution Bureau, and co-authored New York’s rape shield laws. She has spent decades trying to reform the racist and misguided Rockefeller Drug Laws. She’s a huge supporter of rehabiliation programs for non-violent offenders, and an advocate of community courts and instituting local legal resources in a variety of languages, to give as many disempowered people as possible access to the legal system.

Her one flaw is that she is technically in support of the death penalty. But when she spoke at NYU, a friend of mine asked her about her position, which she clarified, saying that she only supports the death penalty in the most extreme cases — for example, a terrorist who manages to blow up a building and kill hundreds of people, or a mass murderer. I still don’t agree, but the fact is that the death penalty isn’t really an issue in New York. Oh, and my anti-death-penalty friend who asked the question was so impressed with her that he now works for her campaign.

Even The New York Times has endorsed her. So get out and support Leslie!

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