Never enough time…

I’ve been suffering from serious blog withdrawls, but am in the process of figuring out all my law school stuff from Italy, including financial aid and finding an apartment in New York — so my already-limited internet cafe time has become even more stretched. As I have no time to even read my beloved New […] more

Hate Crime in Indiana

Crap. Let me reiterate that I live in Indiana, goddammit. FBI agents and members of its Joint Terrorism Task Force are investigating a fire early today at a Bloomington mosque. Officials at the Islamic Center of Bloomington said a window was broken at the center and a liquid accelerant was poured through the window to […] more

New Emperors, Old Clothes

Vandana Shiva, if you don’t already know of her, and you should, is a scientist, prominent eco-feminist, and social commentator best known for her works covering South Asia and the intersection of business practices and poverty. Her most recent essay, printed by The Ecologist, is a must read. In part, From Bob Geldof to Gordon […] more