The Garden

I still have no tomatoes though two of the (twenty, no kidding) plants stand over six feet tall. I have a feeling that all of them will come in at once and I will be forced to learn how to can sauces and stews. I cut down all of the beautiful broccoli, and blanched and […] more

WordPress Question

Anyone know of a plugin that turns off old trackbacks? I use Auto-Close Comments for the usual comments but we’re getting hit with 70+ trackback spams every twelve hours. more

Bombs in London

By now, everyone has probably heard about the atrocities that occurred today in London. This afternoon, I walked into the hotel that the family I’m staying with manages — we have lunch here every day. When I came in, the grandpa of the family — “Nonno” — walked up to me, and said, “Jill, come.” […] more

The Case of the Mysterious Turd

After this morning’s incident, you can only imagine my surprise when, at the store paying for a few small items, I reached into my purse for my wallet and found a turd. “Is that what I think it is?” I asked Lori. “Oh my God.” The lady at the cash register gave us funny looks […] more

Anti-Discrimination Laws Apply to County Fair Pageants

In Indiana the county fair is still a summer highlight for many residents. As teenagers, news of who competes and wins the county beauty pageant still permeates the halls of county high schools. Thus it was with great interest that I found the news that Indiana has decided Title IX must apply to county beauty […] more