Newsflash: Being physically fit is good

And if you’re female and your exercise capacity is lacking, you’re a lot more likely to die. Happy Thursday. And a disclaimer: This article (written by the AP and not the Times) also has one of the most confusing, most poorly-written leads ever. The information is interesting. The writing is really bad. more

Busy, Busy

I’ve been incredibly busy at Chez Lauren, hence the quiet blog. Yesterday I met with Dr. B. about applying for grad school and realized I was worrying about all the wrong things. I found out I have one semester and summer to fill, should I get accepted, before I can begin a year from now. […] more

Request for Recipes

Tonight, after spending the entire day cleaning house and doing laundry, the last thing I wanted to do was cook yet another meal. I wanted to use things in the house, throw something together that would be ready within thirty minutes. Tonight I made a tater tot casserole, frankly because it was the only thing […] more

Now, Wait a Minute

It’s August already? more