More “science” from the right

Attacking evolution with “intelligent design.” In related news, evangelical scientists refute gravity with theory of intelligent falling.

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Empty Your Cache

and head over to Pandagon. I granted them a new design.

My only wish for future design projects is that Blogads have customizable stylesheets that do not suck, because Blogads, if anything, is U-G-L-Y and ain’t got no alibi.

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Tomorrow the school year starts for yours truly, the last semester of my undergrad years if I manage to eke out without too many mistakes or bluffs. I am so grateful to go up north and visit with friends this weekend before the dreaded semester begins.

My friend, coolest single mom alive, invited over a bunch of other single moms on Friday night. We sat around chatting about all sorts of family, work, and personal issues while the kids played and dumped an entire can of parmesean on their bowls of spaghetti.

Saturday we headed off for her boyfriend’s parents’ mansion (technical term since they only live there watching the mansion for a world-travelling playboy) and spent the next seven hours soaking in their massive swimming pool. I mean, the mansion had it’s own island. The entire house was filled to the brim with enormous fossils, hunks of jade that easily weigh 500 lbs., and beautiful, original artwork. For someone as unimpressed by massive displays of wealth as I am, you could, perhaps, color me impressed. The art will get me every time.

We also managed to go thrifting, hitting up numerous stores for cheap items. I picked up a few trashy nightgowns, some pool toys for the kids, and a 3/4 length jacket that looks like it belongs in a blaxploitation movie. Me and Pam Grier! Like sisters! I digress.

The most important thing was that Ethan and I had a blast. Chances are, this semester won’t afford the kind of time or money to enjoy ourselves like that for awhile. Part of my good time was the ability to commune with other single parents. I simply don’t know many here, and most of the single parents I know are either busy as hell or trying to bootstrap their ways into or out of drug addictions.

I need more true peers and I know it.

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The Golf Gene

I feel like we should create a new category of posts called “John Tierney is an Idiot.” This week, his brilliant idea is men are biologically predisposed to like golf more than women. This explains why they watch it even though there are no explosions, collisions, or cheerleaders. Huh.

In related news, I will be watching golf all day tomorrow (Sunday) at Snoqualmie Ridge. This is because I am secretly a man.

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Stepping Out

I am not looking forward to the school year. Student teaching looms over my head. I’m nervous and antsy and reading all I can from Rethinking Schools to ground myself before I get in the classroom.

To get out of my head, I’m stepping out for the weekend, heading up to northwestern Indiana to visit friends with the little one before my official school year starts on Tuesday. We plan on doing little — perhaps some swimming, a lot of eating, absolutely no internet — and that’s exactly what I need.

Everyone have a good weekend.

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Via Mac I have discovered an eBay-esque site called Etsy where you can buy handmade items from all over the globe. I have decided that I will quite possibly keel over and die if I do not get my hands on this. Or this. And especially this.

I really need to learn to sew.

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In Which Ethan Tortures the Cats

This was taken shortly before Doug bit Ethan on the arm.

Shortly Before Doug Bit E's Arm

This was taken shortly before Pablo bit Ethan on the arm.

Gratuitous Torture of Pablo

Both cats approached us of their own free will. Big mistake.

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Friday Random Ten — The Unusually Chill Edition


1) Martha Wainwright – TV Show
2) Elvis Costello – I Want You
3) Donovan – Hurdy Gurdy Man
4) Jon Brion – Here We Go
5) American Analog Set – Know By Heart
6) Jens Lekman – Be Good
7) Iron & Wine – Weary Memory
8) Aimee Mann – It’s Not
9) Br. Danielson – Daughters Will Tune You
10) The Clientele – Tracey Had a Hard Day Sunday

Had I rated this one, a big fattie ten. But that’s just my opinion.

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Ask Me Anything, Again

We played this game awhile back, but like Terrence, the questions and answers were so fun I thought we’d drag it out again. Plus I’m busy.

Here’s how we play:

  • Ask me 3 questions. Any 3, no matter how personal, private or random.
  • I have to answer them honestly. I have to answer them all.
  • In turn, you post this message in your own blog or journal and you have to answer the questions that are asked of you.

I’ll take questions through 12 noon EST tomorrow and answer them over the weekend.

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For Every Girl

Oh, I love this poster:

This is part of the CrimethInc gender subversion kit.

via Pesky Apostrophe

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I copied Lauren and got a Flickr account. I also have about a million and five pictures, so it could be a challenge (and a boring one) to browse through the whole thing. But it sucked up a few hours of my spare time, so I guess it’s a good deal. More pictures (from Italy and from Seattle) will be added in the coming days, as none of these were taken more recently than May.

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How To Have Fun In Class

One of my friends recently asked me, since I criticize my education classes so much, how I address my issues with the assignments to my teachers. It isn’t so simple. Part of the education program is being able to mimic the instructor’s ideals of teaching and teachers — we are required to emulate professional teacherhood with a healthy dose of our own personalities.

This hasn’t been much of a problem for me. I speak easily in front of crowds and have no problem respectfully challenging authority once I know the boundaries in a group dynamic. But by the end of the semester I usually have one opportunity to make fun of what it is we’re expected to learn.

One of my problems with the program is all the emphasis on reflection. We’re constantly required to reflect on this part or that section of our educational experiences. While this is certainly relevant and brings a significant amount of discussion material, our instructors often ignored that we wanted to know more about specific subject material, interschool politics, classroom management, grammar, and how to write a freaking lesson plan, and instead required another reflection piece.

So, to offer my friend a bit of pictorial evidence for how I challenge the material in front of the group, here is an example of the dog poopin’ project (and its lackluster presentation) and a picture I just found of another project I was required to complete.

The Peacock MirrorThis is the peacock mirror that I made in response to yet another reflection piece. I did my project on what? — reflection assignments and vanity and how students are perfectly aware of what their expected response is supposed to be on reflection assignments: bullshit to impress the teacher. Many students in the secondary school are there because they have to be, jumping through hoops and doing just enough to get by, pass the class, and get out of there at the end of the day. Reflection pieces for these kids are five-paragraph essays loaded with faux growth and faux reflection on faux sentiments written for an audience of one, the teacher.

I chose the topic of vanity for one reason: the end of this project was a big exhibit of all the ed majors’ artwork and accompanying essays. It wasn’t so much for us but to impress a certain person who was about to become the head of the ed department after the seat sat empty for quite a while. We all knew it. And I, I was the one miffed enough with the assignment to turn in this horrendous mirror with a sarcastic essay about self-esteem that included trite truisms like, “I’ve realized, like the peacocks, that it is okay to be great when no one else is watching.”

For the record, I got an A on both the mirror and essay. I also sold this hideous mirror at a garage sale to a rich woman for $40.

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