What I’ve Been Doing

There was a point at which I made a considerable supplemental income playing touch-screen bar games. The winnings were often about $200 a month with a $20 expenditure.

Which really makes me wish I could make money playing this (unfortunately requires IE).

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Even More Weekend Reads

Language Log: The Thug and the Slut

Someone should investigate the ways in which the grammar/semantics distiction is personified. Grammar is often cast as a fussy schoolteacher (a schoolmarm, in particular: Miss Fidditch) or some other kind of authority figure, a legislator or judge or priest (almost surely male). But grammar can also be seen as empty form, which on its own produces mere chatter without substance — a female stereotype. Meaning, in contrast, is configured either as substantial and significant (so: agentive and male) or as “natural”, even earthy (so: passive and female). You can get pretty much any assignment of the sexes to the two actors, Grammar and Meaning. (Though the fact that grammar almost always gets mentioned first, as in the passage from Long, suggests that it’s more likely to be personified as male.)

The thug-and-slut story is, I guess, a version of the male authority figure (wielding the authority of the streets) vs. the passive, pliant female. But it’s still loopy.

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I Have To Post This

Welcome to my hometown:

Get over what happened long ago

On Purdue renaming Butz Auditorium (J&C, July 30): It’s about time the black community gets over it. Earl Butz has contributed to Purdue University in more ways than most alumni. What a shame to take his name from a lecture hall named for him. I don’t hear any complaints from the black community when Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson make remarks about white people. I think it is time for blacks to forget about things that happened 30 years ago or longer and just try to get along with everyone.

Jon Sexson

In regards to the new Butz Auditorium to be named on campus (no puns please) and the contributor whose funds go to the production of this project. Not only was Butz a patent racist, but he was also convicted of tax evasion and only served thirty days of a five year sentence.

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Recommended Weekend Reads

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Another Reason to Blog

Screw the notion that blogging is dangerous. If anything I think it makes us more honest.

Neither she or the evil landlord is a blogger. But a wee voice tells me, had they both been bloggers, there’s no way he would’ve done what he did.

Because he’d know other bloggers like you and me would be over him like a rash, telling everybody about what a scumbag he is. And so the next time you searched his name on Google, the front page would be splattered with his scumbag act, his reputation in tatters, and his ability to conduct business damaged forever.

Having a valuable online reputation keeps you honest. Because if you do something squirly, you will pay dearly, and you will pay fast.

And of course, the more this becomes self-evident to me, the harder I find it doing business with non-bloggers. An increasingly essential trust mechanism seems strangely absent.

One thing about being a blogger is that part of your goal is to build and maintain credibility within a public set. Arguments that can go public are more likely to be resolved in a calm manner, saving the vitriol for a more private venue. Those that choose not to be reasonable have potential threat on their heads. When you have a modicum of publicity, your integrity is on the line. If you don’t believe me, check the addendum on the cited post.

via Chaos Theory

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Friday Poetry

Every once in awhile it is a blogger’s duty to play with the Commander Taco Poem Generator. This poem was generated from Jill’s post on advertising and ass cream, and edited slightly to take out some pesky HTML:
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Ethan plays with his Legos, having constructed a propeller-based police vehicle thing with a little person standing majestically on top, holding a sword and looking generally menacing. As usual, Ethan detailed what each Lego was meant to be, its purpose on the vehicle, and how much it cost the police officer.

“This piece cost one thousand dollars,” Ethan says, holding up a translucent red brick. He holds up another. “This one will save the world.”

“Wow,” I said. “That must have cost him a lot of money.”

“Mom, this police officer is a girl.”

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Cats: Our Cute and Pathogen-Rich Friends

Doug and Pablo are in trouble for puking and playing hork-soccer with the dried remnants when I failed to discover the puke piles under the basement stairs. No cat blogging for them!

Instead, see this lovely illustrated essay on the dangerous, lethal nature of cats.

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Friday Random Ten – The “I Forgot It Was Friday” Edition

Eh, I changed my mind and decided to annotate this one.

1) The Ikettes – I’m Blue
I discovered this one thank to Amanda and it quickly became one of my favorite walking songs. It’s nearly impossible to move about in space while listening to this and not wiggle a little. 8/10

2) White Stripes – Cannon
I really liked this band at one time, but after being a staple in my CD player for a million years I find them played out. Just like Jack White. 4/10

3) The Ludes – Your Dog Don’t Bark
Another internet find that screams of the Stones but nonetheless remains a decent driving song. 6/10

4) Gene Vincent – Lotta Lovin’
Gene is my other boyfriend. If I could have gone to Geneland instead of Graceland I would have. 8/10

5) Sleater-Kinney – Fortunate Son
Live version. Since I don’t like live recordings (or SK) all that much (even though I tried), a paltry 5/10.

6) Breakfast Jones – Wishful Thinking
Local band headed by one of my longtime friends. I was genuinely impressed with the set of recordings he gave me when I inquired, especially this song, because the firs time I saw them live they were, um, in need of work. The set of recording he gave me were a project in which he and another band member sent tracks back and forth via email, putting layers of song and lyric over one another. Love this. 9/10

7) MC5 – Back in the USA
Not feeling it today. I have a headache. 3/10

8) The Undertones – Teenage Kicks
Underrated punk band. Yes, they’re poppy, yes, radio-friendly, but the ’77 style is fun and a bit raw. 7/10

9) Drive-By Truckers – Guitar Man Upstairs
Definitely not my favorite DBT song. 4/10

10) Jon Brion – Walking Through Walls
One day I will get my hands on this album, but seeing as I’m broke for the rest of the summer and have important things to spend money on, like bills, it will have to wait. The best part of this song is the chorus, a group of background singers quietly singing “mother fucker” to emphasize Brion’s song of f-off empowerment.

Bonus Guilty Pleasure: Five Deez, “Funky”

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The Dove ads that won’t end

Like nearly every other feminist blogger, I’ve written about the Dove ads before. And yet, I have more to say.

These ads have created quite a stir, and not just in feminist circles. They’ve prompted op/eds in major national newspapers. They’re being discussed on blog after blog. And you can’t turn on the TV, read a women’s magazine or walk down an urban street without seeing them.

There seem to be a few camps of thought out there when it comes to these ads. First is the group that says, “Real women! Right on!” and ends with that. Then there are those that say, “This is another ad campaign, still negotiating women’s bodies to sell products, and that is bad.” And then there’s the “These women aren’t models, how dare they be on billboards” set. To me, though, all of these views are insufficient.

Twisty, as usual, has a really fantastic take on the ads. Read her post. I agree with her. But at the same time, I don’t dislike the ads as much as she does. And while I find them problematic, it’s for slightly different reasons.

For me, it comes down to one question: What do we, as feminists, want from advertising culture, and what do we reasonably expect? There are those of us who see advertising as inherently evil, and will argue that any form of it is dehumanizing and bad. If that’s where you’re coming from, then it’s perfectly consistent to dislike the Dove ads. But, if you’re coming from where I am — which is where you’re critical of advertising, but recognize its necessity in our economic system (or at least recognize it as something that isn’t ever going to disappear) — then the Dove ads become harder to criticize.
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Most Bizarre Government Policy Ever

Taking a break from more serious or titillating news, someone who is paid with Indiana tax dollars came up with a brilliant idea: No more clocks in the license branches.

Is this because of Gov. Mitch Daniels’ brilliantly executed plan to move Hoosiers to DST? Or was that EST? Or CST? I forget. If there aren’t clocks, we won’t know what time it is.

Or is this his way of tricking us into thinking that closing all our license branches across the state for budget cuts was no big deal? No clocks, that fewer batteries for the state to buy. Cut where cut can.

Or is this another version of the Las Vegas “no windows” policy to keep us from realizing how inefficient the branches are when it takesfour hours to renew your registration for another paltry year?

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Bill Frist, closet pro-choicer?

William Saletan seems to think so. But if Frist is what pro-choice looks like, then no thanks. I’ll take my politics elsewhere.

Saletan, though, does a good job of pointing out some basic inconsistencies in Frist’s position, and at the end of the article asks the key question: Where, for Mr. Frist, does fetal right to life trump the rights of born, indisputably alive human beings? Because it ain’t at conception.

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