For the Weekend, Things You Should Read

At BAGnewsNotes, Giving Darwin the Finger is a visual analysis of the recent TIME magazine cover that frames God against a thoughtful chimp.

Alley Rat’s post on women and intellectual invisibility is something that hits home for me. “I just said that five minutes ago and you’re going to pretend that you thought it up all by yourself to impress your ‘evolved’ friends? Fuck off.”

Mythago details the ink advantage. One reason why having tattoos is cool: your kids can’t lose you in a crowd.

Aunt Jenna is on top of some very bad news for racists. Texas is now the third fourth state to have a minority majority.

Oh, Mary: How I Learned the Difference Between Farts and Boners.

From Women’s eNews, Nevyn O’Cain writes about his experience accompanying his wife, a sexual assault counselor, to a Catholic hospital. They don’t know whether or not the survivor will be given emergency contraception.

At the Progressive Working Group, Terrence looks at bloggers and political activism, and what happens when the gatekeepers refuse to acknowledge their roles at the gate.

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NARAL Must-Reads

Hullabaloo: Pro-Choice Veterans For Truth

I understand that we all need to stick together, but if I were NARAL I’d be getting very, very concerned about some Democrats’ willingness to “soften” their stance on the issue of choice because it’s allegedly hurting the party — you know, moral values and all that. I might just think it’s smart to show some muscle. There is no way I’d blindly trust anyone in this environment to fight this battle for me.

There is a great example of how this works over the long haul and it comes from the grandaddy of all single issue groups — the NRA.

An absolutely essential article,
Gloria Feldt: Roberts and Roe

From 1977 to 2000, there were 675 blockades, 365 invasions, 322 death threats, 502 bomb threats, 112 assaults and batteries, 40 bombings, 16 attempted murders and 8 murders in the name of “life.” I personally was stalked, picketed at home and subjected to death threats, in addition to enduring bomb and arson attempts, vandalism, and an invasion at the health centers for which I was responsible.

The year Bray was decided, 1991, was smack in the middle of this period years. It was a pivotal time, before any murders had occurred. It was a moment of opportunity when the violence and harassment could have de-escalated if law enforcement at all levels had joined together and taken strong stands against it.

One of the things I learned during this time was that local law enforcement takes many cues from the Justice Department, and further, that the Justice Department has a unique capacity to bring law enforcement at all levels together, to enhance the effectiveness of local law enforcement when it is overwhelmed by massive actions like OR. They can proactively set a pattern of enforcing the law and keeping the peace.

Instead, the Bush I justice department — with Ken Starr as its chief litigator and John Roberts as his top deputy, strategist and chief arguer — did no such thing. Indeed, they chose to do just the opposite.

Also, Amanda has a number of NARAL-related links and commentary from pro-choice activists, just avoid the comments.

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The Girl Crush

I have had so many of these.

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CNN: Where are the women bloggers?

via Dr. B.

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This Cat Hates America

This cat hates America.

The Great Plains states were boring anyway.

No, this cat hates the east-coast liberal elite.

Pablo Conquers the Eastern Seaboard

This cat is clearly offended by the other cat and will now blog about party loyalty, sell-outs, and how no one cares about “the important shit.”


Then he’ll cover a turd with sand.

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Friday Random Ten – The “Sactimonious Women’s Studies Set, Part Deux” Edition

Someday I will be able to measure the weeks by FRTs. If you don’t know what to do by now, figure it out your damn self. It’s Friday somewhere, people.

1) Man Man – Werewolf (On the Hood Of Yer Heartbreak)
2) Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
3) Beatles – Yellow Submarine
4) The Dials – Take It To The Man
5) Primus – Have a Cigar
6) Johnny Cash – Streets of Laredo
7) Dead Boys – Ain’t It Fun
8) Lata Mangeshkar – Wada Na Tod
9) MF Doom and MadLib – Pretty Blood
10) Portishead – Sour Times

Bonus Track: ACDC – For Those About to Rock

If you guys didn’t notice, this FRT image is taken from a shot I got at Graceland last month. If you aren’t impressed, see this. I think Elvis was a secret supporter of NAMBLA.

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Top Five Things To Improve Public Schools

Edutopia asked their readers what top five things they would do to improve the state of America’s public schools. The answers shouldn’t be surprising.

Now, how to get it all done in the face of tripe like NCLB.

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Spare Me

One more thing to add to the disturbing product poll.

The Egg Babies are individually hand sculpted in polymer clay. The babies range in size from 2 to 5 inches. The eggshell underscores the fragility of the life of a baby in the womb.

Fetuses aren’t made in the womb, they come from eggs. So fragile, we are ordained by God to protect them!

via Green Fairy

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Tucker Carlson: Supporter of State-Sponsored Terrorism

This is Fernando Pereira, a freelance photographer working with Greenpeace. He was killed in the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior by the French government in 1985:

Days earlier, the crew of the Rainbow Warrior had rescued and relocated the people of Rongelap. The United States government had just detonated the largest nuclear bomb since Hiroshima, and radiation poisoning impacted 95 percent of the villagers.

After a successful evacuation, the ship docked in Auckland, New Zealand to prepare for the second part of its mission: to challenge the French government’s nuclear testing plans on the island of Moruroa.

The Rainbow Warrior never completed that mission. On the night of July 10, the crew awoke just before midnight to an explosion. Before they had time to grasp the situation, a second explosion rocked the boat and the ship immediately began to sink. Following orders to “abandon ship” all but one of the crew made it to safety. Trapped below deck and knocked unconscious by the second blast, Greenpeace photographer Fernando Pereira drowned.

By dawn, the magnitude of the situation came to light, and an investigation began leading directly to the French government.

Tucker Carlson, in remembrance, calls this deliberate act of sabatoge “vandalism.”

Tucker Carlson says on the air, twice, that he thinks it’s a good thing the French government blew up the Greenpeace ship and killed some of its crew, unprovoked. He then goes on to call this “vandalism” rather than “terrorism.” Greenpeace is, understandably, not pleased.

Get the rest of the story, including the Carlson transcripts, at AMERICAblog. The Greenpeace account of the events may be found here.

via Thomas

UPDATE: More on the story at Majikthise.

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Operation Rescue = MLK?

One claim made by the hack who wrote it, however, is offensive on so many levels it demands further attention: the argument that Operation Rescue’s methods “mirrored the non-violent tactics used earlier by civil-rights activists.”

Read the rest of Scott Lemieux’ post debunking this claim.

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Feminist, Photoshopping

The internet connection is back up, which would be obvious if you have a Flickr account that you check on a regular basis. A quirk in my ISP’s system left me without internet access for most of the day, but soon after we got home from Indy I was raring to go. Tonight, I uploaded something like forty pictures from old blog posts and other things that escaped me by hiding deep in the crevices of my hard drive.

Monday morning, I took a picture of myself shortly before I went to get rid of the skunk stripe on my hair. Afterward I contemplated putting it up on Flickr with a new shot of the lighter hair and opened up Photoshop to edit the photo.

What am I doing? I asked myself. With all of the writing Jill and I have done on beauty culture, here I was editing my photos before I released them to the world. I show the world my real face every day. Why was I so uptight about showing my face to my digital contacts?

I embarked on a project. Tonight I photoshopped the picture I took on Monday morning in two ways, one a more “natural” edit and another with a severe edit, then I uploaded all the original pictures of myself I could find with their edited counterparts. Though my photo editing skills are spare, the things I did to change my pictures are amazing considering my politics. And telling.

These pictures, and my crude attempts at preserving vanity, go as far back as 2001. This confession was inspired in part by Dooce.

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Possible Solution

We all need to pitch in to buy Lauren and Jill new laptops and bus fare to Las Vegas.

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