The Dove ads that won’t end

Like nearly every other feminist blogger, I’ve written about the Dove ads before. And yet, I have more to say.

These ads have created quite a stir, and not just in feminist circles. They’ve prompted op/eds in major national newspapers. They’re being discussed on blog after blog. And you can’t turn on the TV, read a women’s magazine or walk down an urban street without seeing them.

There seem to be a few camps of thought out there when it comes to these ads. First is the group that says, “Real women! Right on!” and ends with that. Then there are those that say, “This is another ad campaign, still negotiating women’s bodies to sell products, and that is bad.” And then there’s the “These women aren’t models, how dare they be on billboards” set. To me, though, all of these views are insufficient.

Twisty, as usual, has a really fantastic take on the ads. Read her post. I agree with her. But at the same time, I don’t dislike the ads as much as she does. And while I find them problematic, it’s for slightly different reasons.

For me, it comes down to one question: What do we, as feminists, want from advertising culture, and what do we reasonably expect? There are those of us who see advertising as inherently evil, and will argue that any form of it is dehumanizing and bad. If that’s where you’re coming from, then it’s perfectly consistent to dislike the Dove ads. But, if you’re coming from where I am — which is where you’re critical of advertising, but recognize its necessity in our economic system (or at least recognize it as something that isn’t ever going to disappear) — then the Dove ads become harder to criticize.
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Most Bizarre Government Policy Ever

Taking a break from more serious or titillating news, someone who is paid with Indiana tax dollars came up with a brilliant idea: No more clocks in the license branches.

Is this because of Gov. Mitch Daniels’ brilliantly executed plan to move Hoosiers to DST? Or was that EST? Or CST? I forget. If there aren’t clocks, we won’t know what time it is.

Or is this his way of tricking us into thinking that closing all our license branches across the state for budget cuts was no big deal? No clocks, that fewer batteries for the state to buy. Cut where cut can.

Or is this another version of the Las Vegas “no windows” policy to keep us from realizing how inefficient the branches are when it takesfour hours to renew your registration for another paltry year?

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Bill Frist, closet pro-choicer?

William Saletan seems to think so. But if Frist is what pro-choice looks like, then no thanks. I’ll take my politics elsewhere.

Saletan, though, does a good job of pointing out some basic inconsistencies in Frist’s position, and at the end of the article asks the key question: Where, for Mr. Frist, does fetal right to life trump the rights of born, indisputably alive human beings? Because it ain’t at conception.

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An ode to my co-blogger

When I saw this, the first person I thought of was Lauren. I think the rest of you will enjoy it as well!

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God Hates Dudes in Dresses

Or, why Dennis Prager should do two minutes of research before writing something for publication.
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Newsflash: Being physically fit is good

And if you’re female and your exercise capacity is lacking, you’re a lot more likely to die. Happy Thursday.

And a disclaimer: This article (written by the AP and not the Times) also has one of the most confusing, most poorly-written leads ever. The information is interesting. The writing is really bad.

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Taking culture into account

A Flordia drug sting has resulted in the arrest of almost 50 Indian immigrant drugstore clerks, under charges of selling materials used to make methanphetamine — legal materials, available over-the-counter. Police claim that the clerks knew what they were selling would be used for drugs, since informants said that they were using the materials (like aluminum foil) for a “cook,” which is apparently common drug-making slang. Many of the Indian clerks say that they didn’t understand what their customer was saying — and to be honest, I’m not sure even I would have understood what was going on.

Either way, it seems a little ridiculous to me that store clerks could be arrested for doing their jobs.

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“I haven’t worn blue eye shadow since the seventh grade when I was in the Girl Scouts”

Blue Eyeshadow

More Blue Eyeshadow

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Fierce (individuals) Home From Hot Climates

I’m back from Italy! Apologies for not posting consistently… I spent my last week at the beach instead of in internet cafes. And since today is also my birthday, this is all I’m going to post. I’ll be back in full force tomorrow.

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Entertain Yourself

If you read the comment threads at Alas, A Blog, you should recognize this name. The “nice guy” strikes again.

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Busy, Busy

I’ve been incredibly busy at Chez Lauren, hence the quiet blog. Yesterday I met with Dr. B. about applying for grad school and realized I was worrying about all the wrong things. I found out I have one semester and summer to fill, should I get accepted, before I can begin a year from now. In the meantime I have to figure out how to pay rent and put food on the table during those months after I complete my student teaching and get certification, probably even more schooling while finagling a way to continue to receive financial aid.

Today I’m forced to mow the lawn before the grass is long enough to touch my knees, and the garden needs watering and weeding badly. Huge, stupid thing.

In the meantime, check out the new internet Regender tool that changes pronouns from one sex to the other. Incredibly nifty for news stories.

NEWSFLASH! Men who are insecure about their masculinity support war and buy SUVs. Another gem from the liberal academy.

Aunt Jenna explains marriage for the benefit of those who do not yet blame the patriarchy with help from the inimitable Twisty Faster.

The Drunken Lagomorph waxes about her medical duty versus faith and religion.

These two posts by Hugo Schwyzer really bug me, and it isn’t just the brilliant derailment in the comments. Maybe you can figure out why. Alley Rat somehow manages to throw down against every stupid argument in Hugo’s comments being made in favor of comparing men’s military duty to women’s “duty” to carry out every conception to birth, and I don’t even think she meant to. (note: It isn’t Hugo making these arguments, but the derailers)

Pam talks candidly about skin bleaching, racism, the nature of skin color and difference.

I agree with Roxanne. Dave Winer is an ass of gigantic proportions.

I like this picture and so should you:

Not Yours

B has a total eclipse of the heart.

This is just stupidly gross. Christ, people. Can we cut it with the fish pictures?

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Request for Recipes

Tonight, after spending the entire day cleaning house and doing laundry, the last thing I wanted to do was cook yet another meal. I wanted to use things in the house, throw something together that would be ready within thirty minutes.

Tonight I made a tater tot casserole, frankly because it was the only thing I could think of to make with the available ingredients (I thought about convincing the chef boyfriend to come over and doctor it for me, but he might have died at the mere mention of casserole or tater tots). If anyone has any suggestions for easy meals conducive to kid palate, please tip me off in the comments.

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