When Bloglines goes down I have no idea what to do with my computer other than play Freecell. What did I do before Bloglines? more

Sad Songs

Jeanne and Lynn have recently written about songs that make them cry. Lynn and I are completely in agreement on this one: “Alone Again, Naturally,” a song that isn’t very compelling, cheesy if anything, but has a line that kills. I remember I cried when my father died, never wishing to hide the tears. At […] more

The Blog Follows

The Lexington Herald-Leader today contains an article that begins, “The young lawyer whom Kentucky Chief Justice Joseph Lambert yesterday named his chief of staff has strong opinions about Democrats, gay marriage and other hot-button topics, and until recently he enjoyed posting them on the Internet. Jason Nemes, 27, a former Republican congressional aide, discontinued his […] more

My Cat Ate My Homework

Doug actually ate my fucking homework. more