Some Italy pictures to top off the day

…because I do love pictures. And it’s so pretty here, I can’t resist sharing! The beach Sitting at the beach. Making a stupid face, because I am unable to smile in pictures I take of myself Again, the beach. I love it. more

The Quiz Kind of Sucks, But Whatever

Revisionist You scored 83% Gender-Abolitionist, 80% Sexually Liberal, and 80 % Socialist You are the Revisionist Feminist! You are, by far, the most philosophical, the most sexually-liberated, and the most politically extreme variety of feminist. You are very, very freedom-oriented. You abhor oppression in all forms. For instance, your views on sexual liberation and reproductive […] more

Thoughts about Italy

First, in Italian politics, the referendum to allow a more reasonable fertility-assistance law in Italy failed because of low voter turn-out. It’s a disappointment, but not a huge surprise. The vote was scheduled for a Saturday during the summer months, so it’s hard to get 50 percent of the population to get out and cast […] more