Thoughts about Italy

First, in Italian politics, the referendum to allow a more reasonable fertility-assistance law in Italy failed because of low voter turn-out. It’s a disappointment, but not a huge surprise. The vote was scheduled for a Saturday during the summer months, so it’s hard to get 50 percent of the population to get out and cast […] more

“Weekend, dolce weekend”

One of the more interesting things about being in Italy has been learning the language better, and seeing just how much American culture/English language influences the way people speak, dress and generally communicate here — even though every few people actually speak English. But people of all ages wear shirts with English slogans (that often […] more

Raising Voices

Sometimes the best way to kill something you disagree with is to ignore it. But it’s an interesting thing; that strategy will only work if you’re on top of the existing heirachy. How ironic that your preferred solution to the problem relies on a circumstance that you like to pretend doesn’t exist. But sometimes, the […] more

The Horror

Aguaman was successful, horrifyingly successful, in her pond exploits. This is the most traumatic thing that I could imagine today. Wildlife sanctuary indeed. more

New Pet Project

The Progressive Working Group, for those of us working toward something larger than ourselves. Join up. more


I walked out the door to go to a friend’s house and a white and tabby cat strolled in past me. Pablo and Doug sniffed at her, completely fine with the idea of a new kitty, until she started hissing. Then it became Hissfest 2005. I lured her back outdoors with a can of cat […] more