Come Again?

Idiot: Ecclestone made news last week with his comments made in response to Patrick’s fourth-place finish at the Indianpolis 500. Asked about Patrick’s success, Ecclestone acknowledged her strong finish, but then made an assessment about women racing with men that caused a stir, saying, “You know I’ve got one of those wonderful ideas … women […] more


I must have this. more

Rare Case of Menstruating Boy

Despite the very real dangers inherent to this case, I’m wondering what “behavior and traits like a woman” means. He must have a fluff blog. In an extremely unusual case, a Kolkata doctor is treating a teenage boy who has been showing symptoms of menstruation. The 15-year-old ‘effeminate’ boy’s bleeding has been occurring in the […] more

Apologize for leaving Vietnam, not for slavery

Because slavery happened 200 years ago, and besides, we’ve made a bunch of movies about it! Isn’t that enough of an apology? After the bloodiest conflict in American history, a century and a half of struggle, billions of dollars in government redistribution of wealth including affirmative action, education, set asides, quotas, job training programs, urban […] more