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If you read the comment threads at Alas, A Blog, you should recognize this name. The “nice guy” strikes again.

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Busy, Busy

I’ve been incredibly busy at Chez Lauren, hence the quiet blog. Yesterday I met with Dr. B. about applying for grad school and realized I was worrying about all the wrong things. I found out I have one semester and summer to fill, should I get accepted, before I can begin a year from now. In the meantime I have to figure out how to pay rent and put food on the table during those months after I complete my student teaching and get certification, probably even more schooling while finagling a way to continue to receive financial aid.

Today I’m forced to mow the lawn before the grass is long enough to touch my knees, and the garden needs watering and weeding badly. Huge, stupid thing.

In the meantime, check out the new internet Regender tool that changes pronouns from one sex to the other. Incredibly nifty for news stories.

NEWSFLASH! Men who are insecure about their masculinity support war and buy SUVs. Another gem from the liberal academy.

Aunt Jenna explains marriage for the benefit of those who do not yet blame the patriarchy with help from the inimitable Twisty Faster.

The Drunken Lagomorph waxes about her medical duty versus faith and religion.

These two posts by Hugo Schwyzer really bug me, and it isn’t just the brilliant derailment in the comments. Maybe you can figure out why. Alley Rat somehow manages to throw down against every stupid argument in Hugo’s comments being made in favor of comparing men’s military duty to women’s “duty” to carry out every conception to birth, and I don’t even think she meant to. (note: It isn’t Hugo making these arguments, but the derailers)

Pam talks candidly about skin bleaching, racism, the nature of skin color and difference.

I agree with Roxanne. Dave Winer is an ass of gigantic proportions.

I like this picture and so should you:

Not Yours

B has a total eclipse of the heart.

This is just stupidly gross. Christ, people. Can we cut it with the fish pictures?

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Request for Recipes

Tonight, after spending the entire day cleaning house and doing laundry, the last thing I wanted to do was cook yet another meal. I wanted to use things in the house, throw something together that would be ready within thirty minutes.

Tonight I made a tater tot casserole, frankly because it was the only thing I could think of to make with the available ingredients (I thought about convincing the chef boyfriend to come over and doctor it for me, but he might have died at the mere mention of casserole or tater tots). If anyone has any suggestions for easy meals conducive to kid palate, please tip me off in the comments.

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Now, Wait a Minute

It’s August already?

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Zucchini, A Perspective Piece

I would just like to draw your attention to the biggest zucchini ever.

Biggest Zucchini Ever

The boyfriend’s mother accidentally let this one go for a number of weeks as it grew to gargantuan proportions. We decided to rescue it from the trash pile and torture a number of people with its size — hitting people with it, double entendres, and threatening to fry it up — what a wonderful find.

If you ever move to Indiana, this is the kind of entertainment you can come to expect.

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All Your Cats Are Belong To Us

Why the internet shrines to cats? The NYT has a possible answer:

Maybe the difference is that dogs are public, everyone’s business. They go on subways and they go in parks. They are always caught in flagrante defecato. Cats stay home. They are private, nobody’s business. To watch them in their homes is a privilege. They are perfect for the Web, the medium of voyeurs.

…Remind you of anything? Those cats are like so many bloggers sitting at home staring into their computer screens and watching other bloggers blog other bloggers. Cats, who live indoors and love to prowl, are the soul of the blogosphere. Dogs would never blog.

For further cat-related ridiculousness, see the kitty cat dance, remarkably similar to something I do to my cats to entertain Ethan. This movie as well is always entertaining to the boy when he’s in a sour mood.

link via Culture Cat

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More Weekend Music Blogging

Ryan posted some more music downloads along with the “most obtuse history of the War on Terra” on Liberal Avenger.

I contributed Songs: Ohia’s “Riding With The Ghost.” Go see.

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Rick Santorum and Pitting the Working Mothers Against the “Non-Losers”

Chuck pointed out this letter to the editor in our local paper that I seem to have missed:

I’m in my own little world apparently. Every day I wake up with two happy kids, even when I go out the door for work. I work nights, my husband works days and due to the rising cost of decent child care, that won’t change any time soon. My kids are happy, healthy and well adjusted.

People have commented on this on several occasions in public. If my kids are losers, as one recent letter writer suggested, then explain to me why my oldest is an A student at a local elementary school and holds the key to the world in his hands.

If the bare necessities didn’t cost an arm and a leg, I’d tell my employer I had other plans and I’d be home seven days a week. But thanks to our wonderful elected officials and all those brilliant, non-loser corporate CEOs, I have to work. I see my kids more than I see my husband, whom I’ve been married to 13 years now; if anyone or thing suffers here it would be our time together as a married couple.

But that’s OK, we’re better than that, as long as we make it and do it together, there are no “losers” in my house.

Jennifer Voight, Lafayette

There has been a conversation about the morality of working mothers in our paper, which includes tripe such as this letter that was printed adjacent to the one above: Continue reading

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Elements of Style

From the fashion pages…

Shopping while black — even Oprah can’t escape poor treatment in department stores, as she was recently shut out of an Hermes boutique in Paris. The Voice has more.

Feminist fashion: the petticoat, apparently. I’ll admit, I love long floaty skirts as much as anyone — I’m rockin one right now. And even though the article isn’t exactly laced with feminist politics, it’s nice to see someone using the word “feminist” in a positive and normalized way.

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“Wow! She’s fat!”

At first, I was taken aback by the Village Voice article on the new Dove ad campaign, as it starts with calling the model “fat.” But what I like about it is that it admits that when many of us (myself included) see an ad with an average-sized woman, there’s a moment of shock. Then there’s a moment of, “Yeah, right on!”

So, we’re walking down the Bowery a week or so ago and we see that Dove poster everyone is talking about, the one with a indisputably voluptuous “real” woman posing in her underwear and before we can censor ourselves we murmur practically out loud, “Wow! She’s fat!” and then we’re instantly ashamed because of course we’re too politically correct to ever think that for real except—we did.

In fact, this beaming, frankly fleshy model, big as she is, is a lot younger than we are and let’s face it, in truth she is no fatter than we are—and she looks to be in far better shape.

Though we like to think of ourselves as the most progressive person on earth, it turns out we are a lot more similar to most people than we care to admit: We, like everyone else, are so accustomed to looking at skinny, skinny women in magazines, on television, in movies, and virtually every place else that when we’re confronted with someone of a normal weight she seems completely freakish. So insidious, so poisonous is the tyranny of the super-thin that we recoil, if only for a second, at the sight of an average woman on a billboard.

Who could have predicted that when people in highly developed countries had more than enough to eat, the result would be a bizarre combination of widespread obesity and rampant self-starvation?

The rest of it gets a little shallow, but it’s an interesting read regardless.

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Friday Random Ten – The “Title It Your Damn Self” Edition

If it’s Friday somewhere, it’s time for the Friday Random Ten. Roxanne was kind enough to point out it is already Friday in Asia, which is all I need as an excuse to publish the Friday Random Ten on a Thursday night without anything cool to do like attend the BlogHer conference this weekend.

Load all your mp3s into your player of choice, hit random and list the first ten to play. If you’re feeling sinister, exercise the coolness audit. Now, my pretties, leave yours in the comments or on your own site.


1) Elliott Smith – 2:45 am
2) Le Tigre – Darwinism and the Status Quo
3) New Order – Ceremony
4) The Russian Futurists – Our Pen’s Out of Ink
5) Peaches – Shake Yer Dix
6) Nancy Sinatra – You Only Live Twice
7) The Slits – Vindictive
8) Sir Mix A Lot – Posse on Broadway
9) Sons and Daughters – Taste the Last Girl
10) Morrissey – Irish Blood, English Heart

Bonus Guilty Please Track: Mount Sims’ Black Sunglasses. Guilty because I still can’t totally accept the new electronic music, even if it reeks of the 1980s. Okay, I lied. I kind of like it. A lot.

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Cats and Dogs

We’re starting this week’s festivities early.
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