New Emperors, Old Clothes

Vandana Shiva, if you don’t already know of her, and you should, is a scientist, prominent eco-feminist, and social commentator best known for her works covering South Asia and the intersection of business practices and poverty. Her most recent essay, printed by The Ecologist, is a must read. In part, From Bob Geldof to Gordon […] more

The Garden

I still have no tomatoes though two of the (twenty, no kidding) plants stand over six feet tall. I have a feeling that all of them will come in at once and I will be forced to learn how to can sauces and stews. I cut down all of the beautiful broccoli, and blanched and […] more

WordPress Question

Anyone know of a plugin that turns off old trackbacks? I use Auto-Close Comments for the usual comments but we’re getting hit with 70+ trackback spams every twelve hours. more

Bombs in London

By now, everyone has probably heard about the atrocities that occurred today in London. This afternoon, I walked into the hotel that the family I’m staying with manages — we have lunch here every day. When I came in, the grandpa of the family — “Nonno” — walked up to me, and said, “Jill, come.” […] more

The Case of the Mysterious Turd

After this morning’s incident, you can only imagine my surprise when, at the store paying for a few small items, I reached into my purse for my wallet and found a turd. “Is that what I think it is?” I asked Lori. “Oh my God.” The lady at the cash register gave us funny looks […] more